The Corona Diaries – Day 564

Another warm sunny day in Yorkshire. Took a stroll along the front at Bridlington right up to Sewerby.

Back home I’ve been playing cards with our relatives, playing some Tom Waits and not much else!

It looks as if our youngest has gone down with covid. He’s feeling really ill and is in bed. Will have a test tomorrow. So he’s isolating in his bedroom. He’s only had one jab so I hope that works out OK. We’ve both had two jabs. We’ll try and keep out the way but living in the same house makes things difficult.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown of a leader, so pleased with himself that he made a funny speech at the conference (while the benefit cuts kick in, energy prices zoom, inflation goes up, prices rocket, taxes rise and the country is buggered. He’s gone on holiday!! A freebie to a luxury holiday in Marbella – probably quaffing his wine at one eighty pounds a bottle.

An excellent time to jump ship with the country in crisis!! Bugger everyone else – he’s alright!

With 39,413 new cases and another 156 deaths this is clearly not, unlikely the Prime Minister, going away.

It has been noted that going down with flu at the same time as covid doubles your risk of dying! So don’t get flu. Get jabbed for both.

So as our couldn’t-care-less clown heads off to bask in the sun he leaves behind a country broken by Brexit, with one of the highest death-rates in the world, the highest level of lies and sleaze in any government and one crisis after another.

Instead of reacting to all these crises it might have been a good idea to do some forward planning. None of this was unexpected!! It has all been clearly laid out.

The question is:

Is it complete ineptitude?

Or is it that they don’t care?

The answer is glaringly obvious – both!!

Stay safe. The country is safer with the fool abroad!

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