Poetry – Endings



                There are no

                                Happy endings –

Just endings.

We leave

                It all behind

                                And are gone.


In our wake

                We leave

                                The imprints

Of our lives.

We live on

                In the people,

                                In the places,

And the minds.

The ripples

                Are echoes

                                Of who we were

In those who knew us.

Opher 2.5.2019

I believe we have a sentimental view of ourselves as something more than what we really are. We like to think that we will always be here, that the universe cannot possibly go on without us, that we will live forever.

I think we are animals, no greater that an ape, a whale, a cat or an amoeba. We are born, we live and we die. We came from nothing and will return to nothing. The universe goes on without us.

It is our consciousness and awareness that makes us feel that we are special. I do not think we are special at all. They are merely more amazing products of evolution.

Hence, in this brief period of sentience when we have this ‘miracle’ of life we should make the most of every glorious second.

We are a long time dead.

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