Poetry – Just Think

Just Think

If we put aside competition

For collaboration?

If we put aside division

For unity?

If we put aside hatred

For love?

If we put aside violence

For peace?

If we put aside exploitation

For partnership?

If we put aside control

For friendship?

If we put aside destruction

For construction?

If we put aside our fear of nature

For respect?

What a planet we could build!

Opher 2.5.2019

I often think of all the wasted time and energy that goes into policing, military protection, clearing up pollution, dealing with crime, caring for the injured after wars, trying to protect nature against wanton abuse, patching up damaged people and animals, fighting terrorism, fighting poverty.

What a waste.

All because some people want more than their share, some people want to impose their views on others, some people think they want an easy way.

What would the world be like if we all learnt to share, respect and get along?

Wouldn’t it be nice for everyone and everything?

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