The Corona Diaries – Day 555

Day 555 of this crisis. 555 is that the number of the beast’s son? That seems a lot of days to have an abnormality in your life.

Today was gorgeous. The sun shone. It was warm. An old friend came over and we went to Brid to walk along the front, eat fish and chips in the sunshine and gab. We talked politics, education, socialism, fairness and equality and despaired over the British publics arrogance, xenophobia and racism. It seems unbelievable that the lying corrupt Tories who are taking us all for every penny, conning everyone and doing such a lousy job are still ahead in the polls. Doff your caps to the entitled toffs!!

Those who control the media control the minds.

It is so good to see friends and take, debate and discuss!! We never stopped for nine hours!! It’s so good to share a meal and a glass of wine.

Meanwhile, out in coronaland, it’s the same inept bullshit!! We go on with no apparent plan apart from ‘let it rip!’ Is that going to be enough? We’ll see. Where is Johnson or the cabinet? I don’t hear them. I don’t see them. They never go on any TV or radio program where they might be challenged or held to account.

They have a 80 seat majority and think they can do what they want and don’t have to answer to anybody.

Where is Starmer? Where is Labour when you need them? Who will rid us of these troublesome profiteers?

You know I’m not a man who advocates violence but if someone blew Johnson and his cabinet to pieces I’d probably cheer. The number of deaths, the amount of misery they have caused is unbelievable.

The latest figures are not good – another 35,742 new cases with 137 deaths. We’re blase about it now aren’t we? Only 137 deaths – and they’re probably old codgers.

The real damage is the smokescreen that covid is providing for these lying Tory profiteers to destroy the public sector and further impoverish the poor while giving huge sums to themselves and their chums. It’s all under the radar. Where is the public outrage?? I’m outraged?? They are so blatant; they don’t even hide it up! And they are getting away with it!!

In our schools 1 in 20 kids went down with covid last week. Surely that is a concern for parents? Aren’t they worried about their kids and long covid? Don’t they care?

The rise in cases has been put down to schools going back and furlough ending.

The good news is that there is a dip in covid worldwide. Could it be burning itself out?

The other good news is that they have a drug that seems quite effective; it lowers hospital cases by 50%.

Between vaccination and new drugs we might finally emerge out of this mess.

I just hope that when we do these corrupt clown are held to account for the waste of money and inept policies that has needlessly killed tens of thousands.

Stay safe!!!

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