The Corona Diaries – Day 548

Another warm and sunny day in Yorkshire with a bit of a gusty wind thrown in. I walked up my hill to find things changing.

The tractors were out in the fields.

All the wheat has already been harvested and I’ve been admiring all the patterns in the different fields created by harvesters working in different directions. It was quite beautiful. Yesterday I was watching a flock of over a hundred crows all circling over a field, hanging on the wind then swooping down. They were playing.

Today the patterns were going as the stubble was rapidly being ploughed in. It is amazing how quickly a single tractor can plough a huge field. What must have taken weeks with a horse and single plough can now be achieved in hours. Behind the ploughing tractor another was going with discs to break up the clods. They go over it again with roller to create a fine tilth. Another tractor has already sprayed it with fertiliser. In a day or two another will drill in the seed.

It’s the industrialisation of farming. No hand touches seed, soil or crop. Herbicides, fertilisers and pesticides are sprayed on. The crop is mechanically picked.

They call it progress.

The creatures (and wild plants) restricted to the tiny margins call it genocide.

Today I’ve been playing some Neil Young and scanning the last photos for the Harper book. Then I can put it to bed for a while and get on with the others!! I can’t keep up!!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland the chaos continues. We not only have shortages on the shelves but there are long queues outside the garages that remain open. Many are shut because of lack of HGV drivers creating delivery problems.

Of course, the government says this is not due to Brexit. No. The 20,000 HGV drivers driven out by Brexit are not the cause of the problem.


Brexit is not only causing havoc, costing a fortune and sending us into great debt, it’s a source of even more lies!!

They are covering up the economic impact of Brexit with the Covid incompetence. No doubt they’ll try covering up their ineptitude over Covid with global warming. After that they’ll be praying for a war to cover up their incompetence over that. These Bullingdon boys are literally getting away with murder!!!

So yesterday we have another 35,746 new cases with 180 deaths. They are saying that the levels are going down but that’s not the picture I’m getting from the stats. They must be looking at the figures they are massaging – or else lying. Probably lying.

So as male life expectancy comes down for the first time and hospital cancer treatment backlogs are estimated to take ten years to clear we are looking forward to gloom and doom.

Given the appalling record of this government in every crisis and respect, the sleaze, the lies, the law breaking, cronyism and corruption, the incompetence and lack of accountability, the mismanagement, pay cuts, tax hikes, job losses and price rises – why the hell aren’t the opposition 30 points clear????

Come on Starmer – stand down!! You’re useless!! This bunch are sitting ducks!! They don’t get any worse!!!

Stay Safe!! There’s no room in the hospitals or mortuaries!!

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