Poetry – The Establishment

The Establishment

The establishment is in control

With Johnson at the helm

Feeding us enough trivia

With which to overwhelm.

Pop muzac and strictly,

Soaps and the latest fashion;

Enough to stop you thinking

Led by influencers lacking passion.

Our heroes have deserted us

For a bit-part in the game.

Wallowing in their mansions

Without a hint of shame.

With shouts of street fighting,

And won’t get fooled again,

They took us to the cleaners

And don’t feel any pain.

The revolution faded quickly –

Always the minority.

They packed away their costumes

And all went home for tea.

The times that we once fought for

Lie blowing in the wind.

Sold back to us with interest

And all its ideals binned.

The establishment has a firm grip,

Distraction is their ploy.

They keep the masses mindless.

Their world is just a toy.

From the brilliance of sharing,

The joys outside the machine

To the callous, selfish self-centredness

Of billionaire Trump the obscene!!

The establishment is back in charge

Wielding conspiracy and lies.

Stifling the opposition

Gagging all the wise.

The sheep are in a stupor,

Propaganda has them hooked.

As long as they are narcotised

It can all be overlooked.


I was thinking about the sixties rebellion, the optimism, sharing and love. We were after building a world more caring.

We made the mistake of placing our ideals in the hands of musicians – never the most intelligent or wise.

We were naïve and idealistic and easy meat. They bought us off and sold us.

They were rattled but now they’re firmly in control.

Women’s rights, the environment, civil rights and equality. Respect, peace and love.

All empty words.

The sixties is now Carnaby Street, fashion and psuedohippies.

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