The Corona Diaries – Day 537

A day of strange ups and downs, a lot colder and quite gloomy. I walked up my hill. The sparrows were chirping away in the hedgerows and a big flock of swallows were swooping around at the top of the hill. they were gathering for a last feast of whatever insects they could find before heading off for Africa. There were about thirty of them. In the past they would probably have numbered hundreds. The verges have been mowed for tidiness. Another travesty.

I came home and picked up a dead pigeon that the local sparrow hawk had killed. It had only eaten the juicy parts.

My youngest son and his girlfriend have just gone down with covid. One of our elderly neighbours has just died from covid. I’m hearing of cases all around.

Winter is approaching. I played some Hendrix to cheer me up and got stuck in to some editing and writing on the Harper book. At least that seems to be progressing.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our glorious nincompoop is probably looking for a future bolt-hole and luxurious lifestyle as his ratings plummet. People are waking up to the lying git.

There were another 30,825 new cases with 61 deaths. There are currently 8098 in intensive care and rising. Not looking good for winter!!

But not to worry – Boris Johnson has a blueprint to get us out of jail. It’s similar to the world-beating social care one. We will use the Brexit bonanza to solve it!! As a global power all Johnson has to do is repeat the mantra – WORLD-BEATING, OVEN-READY – a hundred times and the virus will go away, the Irish problem will be solved, trade will resume as normal and everything will be hunky dory.

If only the real world worked like that.

So Johnson will emerge from hiding to elucidate his master plan. He will read from a teleprompter so he does not go off script and put his foot in it again. He will make no references to letter boxes or answer any questions. He will not later appear on TV where he might be quizzed on what is happening to the country and how all his policies are a mixture of lies and shite. He’ll stick to script.

There will be no reversal of the irreversible coming out of lockdown – though we might have to go back into masks, socially distance and have further lockdowns. But he’ll call them all world-beating different names. Absolutely no moonshot rubbish, no reversals or U-turns and no complete balls-ups. He will lie to us directly from the teleprompter.

I can’t wait!!

As he did with social care he will try to find a way to blame the poor and get them to pay. They should really be more careful. Being poor is a sin. They are there because of their own silly fault.

They have dumped Valneva, which was producing a standard dead strain vaccine (not an mRNA one). It is unclear as to why they have been dumped – probably for being French – after all – this is global Britain now. We don’t need any foreigners (not even lorry drivers, nurses, doctors, fruit pickers or scientists). We stand alone – the Dunkirk spirit of the Blitz. We might have to go back to rationing and Dig For Victory but we got Brexit done!!! Now we can starve while we are ruled by a bunch of overgrown schoolboys – the Bullingdon boys who love putting their penises in pigs mouths!

Where was I? Oh yes – I was looking at some stats – only 256 double jabbed people have died of covid out of 50,000. The vaccine is holding up well. Johnson is hoping that giving a booster jab to us oldies and doling out jabs to the 12-15 year olds will keep the virus in check this winter.

Let’s hope there’s no mean and nasty variant that pops up!

The current state of affairs is scaring the life out of those shielding. Remember those 2.6 million?? There is no way of keeping completely isolated and if you have no immune system to speak of you are in trouble – particularly if the virus is out of control like it is now!!

So – stay safe – the fabulous, world-beating, oven-ready blueprint will be revealed to all tomorrow – it will not be a reversal of the irreversible!! No way!!

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