Emma Raducanu – A product of Multicultual Britain

Forget the insular xenophobia of Brexit! Hybrids are stronger!!

Instead of shutting ourselves off we should be opening up borders and making ourselves strong!

Emma Raducanu, our latest British tennis sensation, is a prime example!

How the nation cheered her!!

Born in Canada with Chinese and Romanian parents and brought up in England!! A triumph for both immigration and multiculturalism!!

One in the eye for brainless racists!!

10 thoughts on “Emma Raducanu – A product of Multicultual Britain

  1. Emma Raducanu is not a product of some breeding program. Xenophobia was not the main reason people voted for Brexit according, to surveys carried out. The fact that 5million EU citizens have been granted settlement status in the UK since we left the EU, weakens your argument.

    1. I think you are wrong and there is no way of assessing it. Britain is a xenophobic racist island and it shows. There was a knife-edge decision and xenophobia and racism played a big part. I think it’s the ones who were kicked out or who left in disgust that strengthens my argument.

      1. How many do you know who were “kicked out” or “left in disgust”? I have just identified 5 million reasons why you are wrong. The fact that Emma’s parents, one a Romanian national & the other a Chinese national were settled in the UK without a problem 16 years ago is an piece of evidence to show that the UK is not a xenophobic, racist island. I find it offensive that you should use Emma Raducanu to politicise your agenda about Brexit. She is not a “hybrid”. She is an 18 year old British teenager from Bromley She considers herself British but acknowledges the heritage of her parents. Most of us have mixed heritages. One of my grandsons has British, Italian, Hungarian & Iranian heritage but he is British and Brexit has no relevance to that. You need to get over it. Tough – the vote didn’t go your way. That’s how a democratic system works. Fortunately authoritarians, who want everything to be how they want them as you appear to want, don’t rule the UK.

      2. I am very pleased that people like Emma are British. Britain has always been a hybrid culture. That is what gives us our strength.
        The hostile environment that has driven many Eastern Europeans and those of ethnic minorities has been a disgrace. Are you really unaware? Has the problems with lorry drivers, fruit pickers, nurses and doctors escaped you? Has the appalling forced ‘repatriation’ of people who have lived and worked in Britain for decades passed you by? Were you not aware of the terrible situation that many carribeans who did not have the right documents were forcibly ‘repatriated’ to countries they only had dim memories of or who were brought up in England all their lives.
        These people aren’t numbers; they are people! Victims of Brexit and Tory hatred.

  2. Emma flies the Union flag and has held telephone conversations with your hate figure Johnson. That must really grate with you.

    1. Why should that grate? It is only natural that someone who has achieved so much should have politicians trying to catch her shirttails. I don’t know what her politics are that’s up to her and her conscience.
      As for that inept buffoon who is currently misleading this country – yes I despise him and his ilk – self-serving, bloated, overprivileged idiots with overinflated egos.

  3. Yes, of course, I am well aware of the issues you raise in regard to settlement. I don’t claim that the system is perfect. I think I have more experience than you in the settlement system of the UK and how to obtain settlement since I have been married to a Russian and a Tunisian who were granted settlement here by going through the correct channels. Also I have financially supported a mother and daughter, who claimed asylum, since 2011. You focus on the negative and the mistakes of officials because you have an agenda due your obsession with the Tories. You belittled Truss and Zahawi. Truss is an Oxford graduate and Zahawi a graduate of UC, London. Did you ever criticise Diane Abbot’s shoddy & inept public performances when Shadow Home Secretary? I doubt it. It wouldn’t have ridden well with your agenda.

    1. They aren’t ‘mistakes’; they are direct policy. I have never supported Diane Abbot. I don’t think she was up to the job.
      Not all Tories are stupid but all of them are elitist, some of them are idiots and all of them support a system that greatly benefits the wealthy at the expense of the poor and public servants. They are self-serving, arrogant and uncaring. That is why I think they are filth.

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