The Corona Diaries – Day 535

Another warm day in Yorkshire. I’ve been feeling tired, sluggish and out of sorts today. As much as I could do to walk up my hill!!

Then I received an unexpected gift that bucked me up no end!! Thank you Stewart!!

I have three more book projects in mind. I have completed the editing of the second Harper book – really a memoir – and am not turning my attention to a last read through. There are a few things concerning chronology and photos to be sorted. Shouldn’t be too hard to sort!!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland there is a glimmer of hope. The Clown’s tax on the poor to pay for the NHS and Social Care has sent the polls into a spin. The lies have been exposed.

A ready prepared plan to deal with social care. No. There never was one.

Fix it once and for all. No. This comes nowhere near.

We won’t raise taxes. No. Once elected we will.

Brexit will make us into a new Global Britain. No. Project Fear is now real. We have major shortages. No drivers, No pickers. A smashed economy, rising prices, diminished influence, companies going bust. It’s a nightmare and it’s far from a temporary blip!!

There will be a £350 million a week Brexit bonanza for the NHS. No. Brexit is costing us tens of billions. There is no bonanza. That’s why he’s robbing the poor!

We will level up. No. The ones most hit by the tax rises, benefit cuts, job losses and rising prices are the gullible fools who voted for Brexit and the Tories. Don’t they ever learn?

The Tories are a bunch of overprivileged wealthy profiteers who were formed to represent the interests of wealthy profiteers. That’s what they do. That’s why they have been doling out huge amounts of our money to wealthy cronies while imposing pay cuts and benefit cuts on poor people. The billionaires and millionaires have made a killing out of Brexit and Covid. Austerity is a con. If tax loopholes were stopped and the wealthy had to pay their tax we’d have many tens of billions more. The problem was never the EU; it was tax avoidance!!

The Tories are laughing themselves silly over all these poor fools voting for them. They think we’ve all got the brains of slugs.

Are the cracks beginning to show? Are people waking up to the lies, sleaze and incompetence of the clown? I bloody hope so?

Is Starmer stepping up to the plate and punching the hell out of this bunch of greedy extremists? I bloody hope so!!

So, there were 36,734 new cases with 156 new deaths. We’re maintaining our position of being among the very worst!!

The universities go back soon. They are bracing themselves for a huge surge in cases!!

Boris Johnson is going to reveal a new Covid Winter plan. I don’t know what I’m most in fear of – Covid or Johnson’s plan?? A little while ago we were told that all the unlocking was irreversible. Now he’s reversing it all – but it’s not a reversal because he’ll call it different names. Instead of lockdowns it’ll be firebreaks. I wonder what other slogans and over-optimistic cheerleading we’ll have?? Will it be operation sunshot? Or world-beating oven-ready wand waving?? He thinks that just by announcing something and wishing it that it’ll happen! Someone should tell him – these things need thinking through, working out, planning and hard work. They do not just magically happen. Despite the huge sums – the billions he has given away to his chums, we still ended up with a tragic app, a useless T&T, PPE that didn’t work and a transport sector that is collapsing.

Organising Brexit and a Covid response???? We’re fucked!!!

Stay safe! It’s a circus. The clowns are in charge!! The ticket prices are high!!

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