Poetry – It’s Insane

It’s Insane

It’s insane

Does a plant feel pain?

How would we know?

Does a plant run away?

Does it scream?

Does it laugh and play?

Is it human?

Is it sentient?

Does it think?

Do it’s emotions foment?

From its roots to its shoots

Does a plant have feelings?

When its skin ends up

Among the peelings?

Do its senses flip-flop

When its body’s for the chop?

Does it know what’s coming

When it hears the chainsaw humming?

Does a plant possess intelligence?

Does it have common sense?

Or is a plant as dead as wood?

Merely growing as it should?

It’s insane

Does a plant feel pain?

But how would we know

If it doesn’t show?

Opher – 3.2.2019

Because they cannot move or speak we assume they cannot feel.

Because they have no brain we assume they can’t feel pain.

But the latest research indicates they feel a lot more than we think.

I’ll never look at a salad in the same way again.

2 thoughts on “Poetry – It’s Insane

    1. Fruit is produced by plants to be eaten by animals. Then there is that bacterial sludge or fungal sludge that they make into pruteen and mycoprotein. With flavouring it tastes great!

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