The Corona Diaries – Day 526

I’m feeling a bit down and listless today. I think the ending of Summer does that to me. I don’t like the cold and relish the hot months. I enjoy being in T-shirt and shorts. Not keen on having to dress up.

A mate was meant to be coming over today but has gone down with Covid.

I’ve stayed in idly editing, listening to Phil Ochs and generally going through the motions. My back is playing up. I injured myself a year and a half ago – by sneezing – and it is still not right. You begin to wonder if it ever will be.

I’ll go for a walk in a while – but the thick clouds look a bit foreboding!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland we continue to be conned and fleeced by a bunch of profiteering Tories.

It is not exactly thrilling to see that food and drink exports have dived during the first 6 months due to Brexit – to the tune of £2 Billion. That’s £4 billion a year on just that one sector. Heaven knows what the final bill will be. We’ll be paying it forever!! It looks to me as if Project Fear will turn out not to be Project Reality but much much worse.

We’ve made Britain a laughing stock and cost the country a fortune. All being disguised with Covid, massive borrowing and lies.

I was just looking at death-rates from Covid around the world. It’s as high as 9.9% in Peru. Hungary is 3% and the UK is 2%. But of course, death rates are only part of it. They reckon there are as many as 2 million suffering from long covid in the UK. Who knows what organ damage that will leave? It seems that 37.7% of covid sufferers have at least one symptom that lasts longer than 12 weeks!!

Vaccine passports or not? Should we care? Having been double-jabbed are we not safe?

There’s a debate. Are the antivaxxers too much of a threat? Do they spread the disease? Do they infect the 2.4 million shielding? Are they selfish?

Are vaccine passports too divisive?

Yesterday there were 35,693 new cases with another 207 deaths. Still going up!

They are suggesting boosters could cut the rate of new cases and may be needed ahead of new variants like the MU from Peru.

It seems that incidents of long covid are halved among those vaccinated

In the USA the rates are rising in all Trumpist States among the unvaccinated. Nearly all deaths – over a 1000 yesterday – are among the unvaccinated. Marc Bernier the Florida Radio Host – Mr Antivax – died from covid yesterday. Poetic justice. He probably caused hundreds of deaths through encouraging people not to vaccinate.

The irony is that Trump is vaccinated!!! He’s responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths by politicising vaccination and Covid and does the exact opposite of what he is telling his stupid followers!!! What a dangerous hypocrite!!

America has some nutcases!! Antivaxxers are taking unapproved animal dewormer instead of vaccine!! Ha ha!! It doesn’t even work!!

Don’t believe the hype!! Get vaccinated!! Stay safe!!

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