Poetry – Throwaway life

Throwaway life

I look to the clouds to see the bloated vulture –

Hovering overhead,

Watching the hordes

Discarding their goods,

With careless deadhead –

Throwaway lives in a disposable culture.

Opher – 2.9.2021

I wrote this after seeing the mass of litter and carelessly discarded tents following the Reading festival. It looked to me as if there were too many people with far too much who valued little; people who just dropped and threw away anything they didn’t want without thought.

All this mess had to be cleaned up.

All this discarded material was made at a cost.

The impact of waste on the world is immense.

8 thoughts on “Poetry – Throwaway life

      1. Correction, Opher: it’s dispiriting how stupid, etc. they are, those that did these things. Surely you don’t include yourself – or me – among those you criticize?

      2. No I don’t include us but we are associated with the species that produces this thoughtlessness – guilty by association.

      3. I disagree, Opher. I take responsibility for the effects of my voluntary actions on others. But I don’t accept responsibility or guilt for what someone else does unless I have either knowingly caused them to do it, or have explicitly taken on responsibility for their actions (such as parents doing so for their children). As an individualist, I don’t feel any collective guilt at all; and I don’t try to “bundle” people into some “we” that they may well not even feel a part of, and to slag them off by calling this “we” names like “stupid, thoughtless and destructive.”

      4. I can understand that, but I have to disagree. You live in a society that has committed crimes in your name. For example, you have benefitted from the racism and belligerence of our colonial days which robbed and exploited the world and brought the plunder back to Britain. I am not suggesting that you were responsible for those policies or actions but you still benefit from it. You are using materials, energy and foods that are contributing to global warming and the loss of biodiversity. The fact that your actions are not direct or conscious does not detract from the impact. Peoples’ individual actions may be minuscule but the effect of 8 billion minor actions is colossal.
        There should be some guilt for the damage done.

      5. Disagree, Opher. I haven’t ever willingly allowed anyone to commit crimes in my name. I don’t feel part of any “society that has committed crimes in my name.” Colonialism is a red herring; anyone born since WWII has probably suffered more from the legacy of colonialism than they have benefited from it. If I don’t commit real, provable wrongs against innocent people, I am not guilty.

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