The Corona Diaries – Day 513

Today was a warm, cloudy day in Yorkshire. With the grandchildren staying I’ve been playing games, walking dogs and playing with the dog and children. I keep losing.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our sleazy Tories continue their arrogant laziness. Dominic Raab couldn’t even be bothered to pick up a phone to try to save the lives of the brave interpreters who risked their lives for us. He would rather see them being hunted down and beheaded rather than interrupt his £40,000 holiday. That throws up a couple of questions:

What the hell is he doing on holiday in the midst of the biggest international crisis we’ve had in decades?? Surely he should be straining every sinew to sort the mess out instead of lazing in the sun!! Disgusting!!

How can he afford a £40,000 holiday (for just 7 days) on his £81,000 salary? Who’s paying for it?

Is this another example of Tory sleaze and backhanders?

There again, if only Johnson would go on protracted holiday everything might improve. The bungler is no use to anybody. We’re fed up with the lies!!

Yesterday there was a rise in covid cases to 37,314 with another 114 deaths.

Aren’t you glad you’ve got these clowns in charge? Particularly with Autumn less than two weeks away. I’ll be going back into isolation!!

Mind you, there were a few bits of good news. They have approved Ronapreve as an antibody treatment. They tested it out on Trump and unfortunately it worked.

In Africa they are queuing up for jabs – unlike some of the idiots here. They don’t want to die.

There was also good news about the Moderna vaccine which seems to be holding up for longer than the others.

There is light at the end of this tunnel!!

Stay safe!! I’m off to play more games!

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