The Corona Diaries – Day 510

A warm but cloudy day in Yorkshire. I could only manage a partial walk up my hill because my elder son and family are coming over! It’s going to be a busy day! I’ll have three kids to entertain! You might not hear from me tomorrow.

It’ll take my mind off Brexit, Afghanistan, Covid and our twerp of a Prime Minister and rabid bunch of extremists.

I’ve had to eat lots of ice-cream, play football, uno and zingo. I’ve walked, run and picked blackberries. It’s been a tough day!!

I can’t quite believe the perpetual noise that three young kids can generate.

Tonight I’m planning on a quiet night in front of the telly. It’s all I’m good for.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the incompetent jerks are making the usual balls-up. The Taliban are laughing, people are falling off planes and they have managed to turn a dilemma into a crisis. I bet they are still demanding the right paperwork of those hanging on to airplane wings.

What a complete fiasco.

Just like covid – this should have been sorted months ago!!

The covid situation continues in a similar pattern with another 28,438 new cases but only 26 deaths. I’m still waiting to see what happens after summer. That’s when the moment of truth will descend on us. This Indian variant has changed the game.

New Zealand takes uit more seriously. They have a complete lockdown from just one reported case. They do not want the Indian variant taking hold. Their policy is to eradicate and get back to normal. That’s why hardly anybody has died.

Here in the UK, as with the US, we are trying to deal with a tidal wave of fear-ridden fake news.

What is wrong with people? There’s a whole industry out there that’s promoting fear, division and sowing the seeds of death. Madness.

What is their aim in undermining the vaccine program and prolonging the pandemic?

In the USA the Trumpists are sitting ducks. The hospitals and graveyards are filling up, yet the idiots refuse vaccination, masks and distancing because, somehow, this has all been mixed up in politics. Trump has a lot to answer for. They reckon that there will be up to 200,000 new cases a day and thousands more deaths. You don’t know who is more stupid, Trump or the brainwashed fools who swallow his nonsense! The USA looks like being one huge breeding ground for variants – idiots!!

Take care.

The future is not looking good!!

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