Afghanistan – some thoughts!

What a nasty country we’ve become! So callous! So uncaring! So selfish!

Will we welcome the poor immigrants from Afghanistan or wash our hands and leave them to be executed by the Taliban savages? I can guess.

In Kabul there is a crisis. People are terrified. They are panicking. Can you imagine being so scared that you’d hang on to a plane as it took off? People were dropping from the sky.

So why this crisis? They’ve had months to plan this. They could have easily extracted the interpreters and photographers and those who worked for the army. Instead they prevaricated. They used red-tape. They left it. Now it’s too late. Those people who helped us are going to receive a grisly death at the hands of a barbarous bunch of prehistoric fanatics.

I’m not surprised there’s chaos in Kabul, broken promises and ineptitude. That is precisely what I’ve come to expect from this Tory bunch of overgrown Public Schoolboys. It’s all a game to them. If you can’t make money out of it then it’s not worth pursuing. Broken promises, incompetence, red-tape – the hallmarks of this bunch of nincompoops.

As for the USA – well Trump put this into action and Biden stupidly went along with it!

4 thoughts on “Afghanistan – some thoughts!

  1. It’s about time Britain started acting alone. We don’t want these American Government fools leading us in and out of their mess. We’ve paid our depts for the old wars. I think we’ve paid the American Gov back financially fir this wars by the 1970’s during which time we were impoverished (unsure if this is date this correct?) and with military assistance elsewhere. Through past discussions around the pub tables of ye old Englandia, there seems to be a belief that without America as an ally, Britain will succumb to some terrible ordeal, be taken by Russia, or some nasty state or country. There has to be Taliban inclusion now no matter what their beliefs are. They have to be included. Otherwise, it’s another form of division. Look what happened in the past when the west divided other nations. Britain should get the boys over to Afghanistan immediately, calm it down and bring all to the table to see where to go. The Taliban aren’t going away, even after 20 years of oppression. Include them, or watch the horror. Pakistan should also be at that table. What a mess. I feel I don’t have a viable opinion, or an idea of what the hell is going on. All I know for sure is that hell is going to come for ordinary Afghans.

    1. I don’t think Britain has the capacity to go alone. We dumped Afghanistan. There was no way we could have stayed on without the US. We are too depleted. Tragic for the Afghans. My only hope is that we can negotiate some international agreement on human rights using aid money. The country is totally impoverished. It is a lever.

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