The Corona Diaries – Day 504.

Glorious day in Yorkshire. We met up with friends and headed off for a walk up the Dales at Fridaythorpe. Gorgeous scenery. We sat and had coffee and cake on poet’s bench overlooking the most beautiful Horse Dale. We’d walked up Holm Dale and passed Harper Dale. I had to laugh. I wonder if they were related to Roy?

In our back garden we had lunch, drank too much wine and talked and laughed.

It made me think how much I am affected by covid a year and a half on.

Before covid struck I was meeting up with friends, giving everyone a hug, kiss and shaking hands, going into shops, pubs, restaurants, gigs and travelling. I was using busses, boats, planes and trains. Never thought about it. Followed standard hygiene but did not worry about bacteria and viruses. I was quite happy and relaxed indoors in crowded spaces.

Now I am no longer in strict lockdown. I’m not isolating.

I am meeting up with friends but we keep our distance – no hugs or kisses.

I do go into shops but keep it brief, only go in for essentials and wear a mask.

I do not go in to crowded places, pubs, gigs or restaurants. I eat outside.

We do our shopping on line.

Walking down the street I still distance from people and walk around them

life has changed. I think the biggest factor is the psychological. I have that covid awareness always present. Even though I am double jabbed my mind is constantly weighing up the risks! It’s a strain.

No – I’m not with the fools who think it was all a hoax, a Big Pharma money-making scheme. Sure they are making millions but that’s opportunism. No – I don’t think politicians are behind it. They’ve nothing to gain. Maybe it did come out of a Chinese Lab? Nobody knows.

One thing is certain – we need to stop this hunting of wild animals, their export and cruel end in wet markets. We need to start treating nature with more respect!!

Meanwhile, out in coronaland, I am still boggled by the fact that anybody believes in this bunch of incompetent profiteers. The fact that they are still ahead in the polls is simply staggering. How much more sleaze, flagrant profiteering, corruption and incompetence does anybody want?? Talk about gullible and stupid!! This bunch of nasty extremists have not got a shred of credibility left!! Even Cummings said they weren’t very bright. They are worse than that. But as with Trump, people seem to accept them as being corrupt and useless. It’s irrational.

The Green Swill (Snouts in the trough) should be sufficient. While Cameron and Osborne were imposing pay cuts and austerity on us (We’re All In It Together!) they were busy mapping out glittering multimillion pound careers for themselves.

Cameron is not just morally wrong it looks to me as if he was criminally wrong too! He and Greensill were taking out millions from the company knowing that it was going belly up. He was using his influence to get the government to put millions of our money into it while bleeding it dry!

They should be locked up!!

So while Johnson cons another £100,000 for artwork for his flat (probably a Picasso or two), Cameron pockets £7 million Tory MPS are smashing their burner phones and multimillion pound contracts are handed out willy-nilly it feels more like the country is being run by the Mafia.

So should we bring in vaccine passports?? Should we have a third jab or give the vaccine to the 3rd World?

Too much wine!!

Stay safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 504.

  1. About the same here, except I started counting two days before you! As per Brownie McGee, Fighting a Losing Battle but having a lot of fun trying to win.

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