Poetry – To have or have not

To have or have not

To have or have not

And what is too much?

To deserve or not be worth

This, that or such.

So many and so few.

The more that’s made

The more the gap grew.

Some disport penthouse and yacht

But what have the others got?

Dodging bullets in search of a crust

Or rolling in champagne and lost in lust.

Life is so different each side of the divide.

So few options with so little to decide.

Opher 12.10.2018

As the inequality grows to obscene levels in a system designed by the wealthy to maintain their wealth, the poor are left with no way out.

As A/I kicks in it will only get worse.

There are profits to be made by sowing the seeds of chaos or war. That accounts for the madness that surrounds us.

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