The Corona Diaries – Day 489

It was certainly salutary to look back to what I wrote at the beginning of this pandemic! (Thanks Neil for focusing me on it).On Day 1 of my lockdown I was brimming with optimism. I thought it would all be over in three months!! I wasn’t angry then either. I didn’t know what an incompetent bunch of lying sleaze-bags Johnson and co. would turn out to be.

Now I’m a lot clearer.

This bunch of self-serving, arrogant morons have made a complete balls-up of both Brexit and Covid-19. I don’t anyone could have been much worse. Not only that but they’ve been screwing us for every penny in the biggest, sleaziest string of corrupt behaviour I’ve ever witnessed in what, at times, has been a cesspool of government. This bunch are the worst!!

I think the pterodactyls will come home to roost! They’ll be kicked out soon! The truth will out!!

Today I’ve been indoors sorting photos and editing my other Harper book. I had a problem to address – whether to intersperse the photos or clump them into one or more sections. It sounds a simple thing but it’s been vexing me all day. The main problem being that I have a dearth of photos for certain periods.

I think I finally made a decision.

I’ve been playing some Jimi while I worked. What a genius he was.

it meant that I took a lateish walk up Nafferton mountain! The sun was shining. It was hot. The butterflies were out in force – browns flitting along the verges, a few types of whites – including a fabulous marbled white – some ringlets, tortoiseshells, small brows, a red admiral and a skipper. I stopped to watch a pair of ringlets do a dance for me. They fluttered in the air deftly mimicking each others flight in a wonderful pirouetting, dodging diving, rising falling. They were in love!!

A tortoiseshell caterpillar scurried across the hot tarmac. I wondered what was on the other side of the road that he was so keen to get to.

I thought I spied my two red kites perched on the telephone lines but as I walked nearer I could see they were just huge crows. However, on the way back there was a kestrel sitting on the wire watching me intently. He allowed me to get really close. I stood underneath and peered up at him. A magnificent bird. He studied me with interest!

The writing, music, reading and the walks are keeping me sane. But after this long in lockdown I can feel the energy levels are well down. It’s hard to stay motivated. I feel tired.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland we continue to be led by clowns. I take no notice of what the morons say. I do what I know to be right for me and the people I come into contact with. It’s not worth taking risks. This virus kills.

The new case levels are still high but falling though hospitalisation is going up and deaths are too. I remain skeptical. The easing of all restrictions will, unless everyone is like me and being extra cautious, result in higher cases – particularly among the young.

Vaccinations seem to be tailing off as youngsters are hesitant. This will stop us from reaching herd immunity ubnless they all go down with it!

The government, instead of explaining why it is in the interests of young people to get the jab, is using the threat of vaccination passports for nightclubs, sports stadia and travel.

Personally I think we need vaccine passports in order to keep us all safe from unvaccinated people but I don’t want them used as a battering ram to club kids over the head. That’ll just make them resentful and look for ways around the passports o the detriment of us all. There are very good reasons why young people shown get vaccinated.

In the USA there is a crisis. Fauci says there is a pandemic among the unvaccinated. The Trumpists who refuse to distance or wear masks, refuse the vaccine and still think it’s all a hoax are spreading the disease and dying. Survival of the fittest. In this case those fittest at sorting out scientific fact from stupid fake news and right-wing propaganda.

The short of it is – vaccines work! Social distancing and masks have got a good scientific reason. Injecting bleach hasn’t.

Anyway, Stay safe and avoid the right-wing bollocks! It kills!

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