The Corona Diaries – Day 1

Neil went back and sorted this out. It is quite interesting to look back on what I was thinking on the first day of lockdown.
I had no clue that it would still be going on 489 days later!!
I was also nowhere near as angry as I am now. The lies, incompetence and stupidity of this government, their sleaze, greed and self-serving nature was not as apparent then!

Opher's World

I know this isn’t technically day 1 but it is the day of the first reported case in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

It feels a little like we are coming out of a hiatus. Covid 19 Corona Virus has not seemed like a major problem. We have watched the events in China, Italy, Korea and Iran with disbelief. It did not seem real. It’s a disease that kills 1% – and they are the old and have underlying problems – not us.

Except that now it feels more real. It kills 1% but it puts 10% in intensive care. That could affect 6 million people in the UK. That’s when the numbers start to ring bells – we don’t have anywhere near enough beds. The Health Service has been underfunded and run down for a decade. That means a lot more people are going to die.

The other point…

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