The Corona Diaries – Day 486

A cooler cloudy day today in Yorkshire. I spent the day sorting photos for the Harper book and editing. So time consuming but engrossing.

I’ve been playing some Jefferson Airplane and wrapping up Harper books to post! It’s keeping me busy!

We went for a late walk along the Beck. The reeds and flowers along the bank have grown so much you can hardly see the water. A great habitat for wildlife. Speaking of which my verges campaign has run into a cul-de-sac. I was told by the East Riding council that the verges were the responsibility of the Parish Council. I was then told by the Parish Council that it is the County Council. I shall continue to make a fuss!!

In parliament is was interesting to see that Dawn Butler was kicked out for telling the truth. She said that our resident clown Prime Minister repeatedly tells lies and proceeded to catalogue some of them. She might have been there a week or two if she had tried to catalogue all of them! She called the Prime Minister a liar and refused to retract the statement because it was true. She was thrown out. However, the Prime Minister was nor reprimanded and is free to continue lying to both the parliament and the country!! Incredible!!

One has to laugh!! This is a democracy. The populace gets their news from Tory propaganda machines like the Daily Mail and Daily Express, The Telegraph, Times and Sun. Or else they watch the BBC, which has been taken over by Tories, or get their news from the web which pours our right-wing lies. That’s democracy. The ignorant and stupid are manipulated by a torrent of lies.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland the lame creaking machinery of government continues to preside over death and despair. You can bet that there are no bankers suffering or out of work, no bonuses cut, that the elite are still making fortunes and stuffing it away, tax-free in the Cayman Islands. You can bet that the ordinary people will be tightening their belts again and paying for the huge bills created by the astounding contracts being dolled out by this government. Lucrative salaries and huge multimillion contracts cost jobs, create cuts. It’s why we can’t afford to pay teachers and nurses, why there are swingeing cuts and decades of austerity.

The poor always pick up the bill.

So this government make colossal mistakes. They bring in a hard Brexit that is causing immense economic damage. They throw money around like confetti to their chums. They put teachers, nurses, drivers and council workers on a pay cut to pay for their mishandling. And the poor suckers who are picking up the bill for this mess say thank you very much and keep voting for them. Is it masochism? Is it stupidity? Is it ignorance?

These rich boys are laughing at us. They make this incredible mess and are ten points up in the polls!

Lots of antivaxxers dying of covid are saying that they wished they’d had the jab. Covid: Cleethorpes man’s family issue jab plea after his death – BBC News . It’s too late when you’re on a ventilator. A nurse in Texas was saying how dying patients on ventilators are begging her for the jab – but it’s too late. Get your jab.

The corona cases are coming down but the death rate and hospital entries are rising. I think it’s a blip. The effects of mixing in pubs and nightclubs will set it climbing fast. The worst is yet to come. One scientist is on record saying that Johnson wants as many people to catch it as possible!! Maybe so! What’s a few thousand deaths or a few tens of thousands long covid??? As long as he remains in power it’s a price worth paying.

The virus is surging in our area and I’m keeping my head down.

You do the same. Stay out of badly ventilated indoor places. No pubs or nightclubs – stay safe!

Eat outside to stay off a ventilator! It’s not as catchy but it’s true!! Stay ventilated not on a ventilator!!

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