The Corona Diaries – Day 477

What a strange country we live in under this populist leader and extreme right-wing government. They panda to the right-wing bootboys by encouraging them to boo our players for standing up against racism. They call making a statement against racism ‘gesture politics’ then they try to claim credit for their success and appear to be appalled by the racism they have stirred up. What disgusting hypocrites!! What devious scum!!

It’s Trump all over again!!

Good on Gary Neville and Tyrone Mings for calling them out for what they are – lying, racist gits!!

Good on Gareth Southgate for encouraging a more honest and honourable ethos.

Good on Jonathan Pie for lambasting their disgusting policies.

The Tories have reached a new low. They are not the ‘NASTY’ party; they are far worse than that!! They have become the ‘Repulsive Party’.

No wonder they have called off the reception at Downing Street. They probably view all our hero footballers as leftist commies!!

They are also having a go at the BBC (who they have loaded with Tories) for making an appointment of someone they consider to be on the left!

They won’t be happy until they have control over everything and everyone. This is quite scary.

Then we have the social media sites, like Instagram and Twitter, who think it’s OK to send monkey emojis along with messages telling them to Go Home!! The perpetrator’s of those messages need locking up and a heavy multimillion fine for those social media giants. There’s no room for racism. This scum need to be in cpourt.

Fortunately the public rallied to show their support!! Good on them! Perhaps they are waking up to this evil bunch of wankers!!

The polls are narrowing. Johnson’s ratings are coming down. Maybe people are seeing through this jolly clown image to the overprivileged, self-serving, lazy bastard he is!

When we have a government verging on fascism, who are soaked in sleaze, corruption, cronyism and incompetence, sooner or later the public will realise how they are being manipulated and duped!! The Gaffe Meister will eventually reveal himself!!

This is post-Brexit Global Britain – a small island led by a bunch of xenophobic nationalists – full of racism and division. And yes – it comes from the top!! They have been empowering this bunch of racist bigots for their own ends. They used racism to secure Brexit and they exist on propaganda and lies!!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland, this callous bunch of idiots are going ahead with stupid policies fully aware of the outcomes. The Juniper Group modelling suggests that the present removal of social distancing alone will result in between 23,000 and 65,000 more deaths! It’s there before we start! But Johnson and co are choosing to ignore it!!

Right from the start they wanted to keep the economy going and go for herd immunity regardless of the death-rate!

They are now selling the vaccine as the panacea. It isn’t! Far too many people remain unvaccinated! This virus will spread like mad – unleash a wave of new cases, breed variants, cause millions of long covid cases and a good many more deaths!

3.8 million vulnerable people are now at huge risk – all the ones with cancers, compromised immune systems, MS, severe asthma and the like. They are back in prison.

Then we have our poor kids being thrown onto the altar of herd immunity. They’ll be alright. Not too many of them will die and, of course, there are no records of the numbers of long covid cases to hang around the ministers’ necks.

I have no sympathy for the antivaxxers. They choose to be stupid. That’s their risk. It is going to be infuriating when they start filling up the ICU’s, taking up the ventilators and costing us a fortune – as well as putting a huge unnecessary extra strain on our poor health service workers.

This time the NHS workers know just where they stand. They will be clapped, used and shat on!!

The government know all this. They have all the information from the scientists and experts, all the stats and modelling (just like they had at the beginning). They pick and choose! Right now they gamble on our lives and instead of taking a sensible staged reopening, with sensible precautions to prevent the spread, they are going the whole hog!

We are still recovering from the scenes relating to the Euros! The huge crowds breaking covid rules with (unlike at the Women’s march) the complete absence of cops with truncheons!! We now know that a staggering 15% of the Scottish fans who went to Wembley came back testing positive!!

It’s not the outside events to blame!! It’s the hugging, huddling together in pubs, chanting and shouting! All the things that spread the virus most!!

So the government abdicate all responsibility for mask wearing and social distancing and leave that up to us – so the sensible ones amongst us are either stuck in our houses or subject to the vagaries of the moronic. Some choice.

Roll on the third jab in Autumn. As a jabbed person I’m alright! It’s the others I worry about – my grandchildren and unjabbed family!

When this mob of stupid morons deliberately allowed the Indian Variant in they have unleashed a storm of Covid. When will they ever accept responsibility for their catalogue of mistakes? 128,000 deaths and rising!! Millions of long covid cases, millions shielding, isolating and frightened, job losses, business losses and colossal disruption – a lot of which could have been avoided! Border control!! Border controls!! Border control!! Border controls!! Border control!! Border controls!! Border control!! Border controls!! Border control!! Border controls!! Border control!! Border controls!! Border control!! Border controls!! Border control!! Border controls!! Border control!! Border controls!! Border control!! Border controls!! Border control!! Border controls!! Border control!! Border controls!! Border control!! Border controls!!

Stay Safe – The clowns are in charge!!

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