Poetry – Dolmens and Circles

Dolmens and Circles

Stones pointing to heaven.

Circles in the sun.

As the ancients grappled

With eternity,

Piercing the heavens

With their eyes

In search of understanding;

Building monuments to the heavens,

To the journey,

To life,

In praise and celebration

Of the mysteries

Of which we are part,

They left their mark

In whorls, circles and stones.

Opher 1.8.2018

I am always fascinated with the works of Neolithic man. Their religion was one of nature and the Green Man. It seems more natural to me. I can only wonder at their ceremonies and rituals while standing in the midst of the rocks they have left behind. It feels a more honest religion to me.

I feel the power of those stones. I feel a connection with those people. They are part of me.

I stand on Britain’s green landscape and peer around as if expecting those eyes from long ago to be peering back at me. I walk in their shoes but I cannot feel how they felt; I can only glimpse.

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