The Corona Diaries – Day 458

Fabulous day today. As lockdown is easing we are out and about. Met up with old friend for jaunt around countryside taking in Neolithic sites and stopping for meals and wine!! Meeting up with old friends is special – shared history, memories, views and perspective. With special friends you just fall into the groove. Music, politics and social perspectives. Empathy, compassion and caring – all in harmony!! Great stuff.

So much fun and laughter!!

Just totally at ease, sheer enjoyment!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the sleaze continues. Instead of focussing on the pandemic and saving lives it seems that Hopeless Hancock has been preoccupied with getting his end away and rewarding his mistress for sexual services with taxpayers money! So many questions! So what covid regulations did Gina Coladangelo break? Can covid be passed on sexually? After all, it takes an exceptional man to keep a two metre distance between partners while engaging in sex!

Isn’t this reminiscent of someone else???? Wasn’t Boris Johnson guilty of doing exactly the same with Jennifer Arcuri ??? Splashing out tax-payers money to get his end away???

Maybe this is a Tory thing?? Maybe Rees-Mogg is screwing his secretary??? Maybe Gove is screwing aliens??? Who knows??

So as cases zoom up to over 15,000 new cases a day (although hospital cases and deaths are going much more slowly that with previous surges) our Health Minister admits to breakling covid regulations and our clown in residence condones and forgives.

Isn’t this like groundhog day?

Didn’t Cummings do this? Didn’t Johnson do it?

But I forgot – one rule for the Tory elite one rule for the cretinous plebs!! We get police, courts and fines – they get forgiven! They are probably all doing it!!

After all, it’s a hard job presiding over one of the worst death-rates in the world!! Being responsible for 128,000 needless deaths takes it out of you. Or does it? Only if you give a damn I suppose!!

What is going on?

How come the populace now accept lying, cheating, sleaze and corruption??

I know – we know our place!! This Eton types were born to rule!! We have to do what we are told!!

Stay Safe!! The virus is safe and well and spreading fast!!

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