Poetry – The Last Sad Dregs

The Last Sad Dregs

When the last sad dregs are drained

The glass will still retain a residue

No matter how thoroughly we sterilise.

It will just take time.

When everything is finally gone

It will come back.

It has done so before.

But it is never the same.

Maybe next time

It will be even better.

The forms more perfect

The intelligence more pure


Perhaps it will be

An improvement in every way?

All might agree that it was for the best.

Yet even if it were

That would not forgive us

For what we now do.

Opher 23.6.2018

We are a huge ecosystem catastrophe relentlessly steamrolling nature into nonexistence.

Species after species crashes into oblivion as we seek profit and our numbers spiral.

When we are through and we have destroyed it all there will still be some left even if it is just a residual slime. Evolution will rebuild the spectrum given time.

The planet will once again be full of a myriad of creatures, the wails of sound and flash of colour. There will be creatures every bit as wonderful and exotic as what we now have. It just won’t be the same.

Maybe intelligence, real intelligence, will once again evolve. I don’t think they will forgive us for what we are doing.