The Corona Diaries – Day 445

It’s been a bit of a strange day here in Yorkshire. Not as hot as predicted with a cool breeze – but still quite good.

I’ve spent the day painting doors and editing. I suppose it has been really fitting: on Roy Harper’s 80th birthday I find myself checking my book on his music! The publisher just sent the proofs through. I have to check them all and OK so that it can come out in July! It’s a lot of work for the next few days!!

As I’ve had enough for a bit I’m going to go for a walk to recharge my concentration.

Completed my walk – five miles of contemplation. I think it’s good for me in a number of ways.

Neil Lock has sent me his Sci-fi book. I’ve got it next in line. I have to finish my Harper read-through and also finish reading Ishiguro’s Clara and the Sun – which I am greatly enjoying.

It’s going to be a hot day tomorrow. I shall spend it reading through the Harper book, watching the football and maybe getting a bit of Clara read. Who knows?

There’s not enough hours in these days!!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland the incompetence reigns. As stupid Johnson acts up at the G7 like an embarrassing twerp the Indian variant, that he stupidly let into the country, is causing havoc. It has taken over, highly contagious and putting young people in hospital!! The stupid fucking idiot is killing people again!! When will we be shot of this idiot???

Over 8000 new cases, hospital rates rising, deaths rising – the idiot PM is busy showing off at the G7 – telling them how great we are – while Brexit and Covid are laying the country to waste!! All his doing!!

I suppose the lying turd has thrown a ring of protection around us all!! Time to worry!! Meanwhile he’s telling the G7 that we have to learn from our mistakes! He hasn’t a clue!! He’s making the same mistakes he made at the beginning!!!


I’m amazed by the ignorance of the press when describing the battle between us and the vaccine. Evolution is not conscious. The virus isn’t planning how to evade the vaccine or become more transmissible. All it does is mutate. Because there are trillions of the viruses it mutates quickly. The mutations are random. Some make changes that are useful to the virus; most are useless and die. There is nothing conscious about it. This isn’t a planned battle.

The more people who are infected the most viruses there are. The more viruses the more mutation. One of those mutations could change the virus so that it evades the vaccine. A mutation could make it more lethal. A mutation could make it more transmissible. Mutations are random.

The way to prevent variants is to have less viruses – ie. less infected people. The fewer viruses the fewer mutations, the fewer new variants. The only way to achieve that is to vaccinate the world.

No country is an island!! The sooner we vaccinate the world the sooner we will become safe!!


Good to hear Biden donating half a billion jabs!! The rest of the world needs to get on board!!!

So now, as our clown pulls us back into lockdown due to his own incompetence, I’d say – look at the twerp! Sack him!! Sack Hancock!! Sack Gove!! Sack Dido!! Let’s get some competence and honesty into the place!!

Stay Safe!! The end is no ,longer nigh!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 445

  1. Wisely worded!
    The world needs to be vaccinated- the sooner, the better. I agree with the mutation part. The only way to solve this is to cut down on the mutation by vaccinating more people so the infection rate slows down. Its been so long that this battle has been going on, we lost so many loved ones. I wish and pray that we save the world now or rather the world saves us. Whatever works.

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