The Corona Diaries – Day 427

The country is opening up. We went out on to the Yorkshire Moors for a walk with my youngest son and his girlfriend. We went through many towns and stopped for a meal at a pub at Robin Hood’s Bay. We ate in the open in the garden. It felt safe.

In the towns 50% of people are still wearing masks on the streets. Everyone wears masks in shops. It is noticeable that there are many more people around, shopping and browsing.

The pub we visited had a clear system in place. We were ushered through on a one-way system by someone wearing a facemask. We signed in with contact numbers. We went outside but people were inside, spread out and about. We are reducing our risk of contact still even though we have had both vaccines. Our menus and meals were brought out to us.

The debate is whether having had two jabs we are safe enough not to care? Is this just covid anxiety?

Can people who have been vaccinated still spread the disease?

Can we still catch it?

The answer to both is yes – but the risks of spreading it appears to be greatly reduced. The risk of death or severe illness is extremely low. Vaccination works.

The great news is that the vaccines appear to work against the Indian variant. That means we can open up more.

It’s a race now. We have to vaccinate the young people. The Indian variant seems to be more virulent and causes severe illness and death in young people. If we open up too quickly the young and vulnerable unvaccinated will catch it more and there will be another surge. The NHS will be overwhelmed and we’ll be back to square one.

Once the young are vaccinated we’ll have herd immunity and normality!!

For now we are being cautious!

Right now we’re off to visit Scarborough!!! All is well!!

Stay Safe!! the end is nigh!!

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