Dominic Cummings Spills the Beans

The Incompetent Johnson Government from the inside!

What will we find out that we do not already know? Tomorrow Dominic Cummings reveals all to the MPs. This is going to be the gist.

  1. They did not know what they were doing.
  2. There was initial complacency and a blind eye turned to it all.
  3. That was followed by panic and chaos.
  4. They went for herd immunity
  5. They kicked out old people from the NHS into Care Homes and spread the disease.
  6. They lied – Ring of Protection around Care Homes.
  7. The modelling showed hundreds of thousands of deaths and the NHS overwhelmed.
  8. They panicked. There was chaos.
  9. They ditched herd immunity and dithered.
  10. They locked down far too late.
  11. They left the borders open and did not know what to do.
  12. They had no plan.
  13. They panicked and threw billions at it – T&T apps, T&T, PPE, handing out contracts willy-nilly to Tory donors.
  14. They built Nightingale hospitals.
  15. They lied.
  16. There were no world-beating apps, or T&T or PPE or ventilators.
  17. They lied, panicked and dithered
  18. The borders were still open.

That’s about it!! What can Cummings tell us that we don’t already know??

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