The Corona Diaries – Day 424

It has been raining all day. I’ve stayed in all morning editing and listening to Frank Zappa. I ventured out at lunchtime to pick up my new glasses. I hoped it would help me see a new world. They only bring the old one into sharper focus – racism, war, xenophobia, stupidity, inequality and intolerance. They’re still all there! Along with violence, cruelty, stupidity and religious fanaticism. Seeing them all clearly might not be good for the spirits!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland you do not need new glasses to see the stupidity. It’s been apparent since the very beginning. The case levels are going up as the new Indian variant takes hold. It is much more virulent and attacks younger people – a threat, as our young adults are not yet vaccinated. Is this the start of a third wave that is going to hit the young and unvaccinated?? I hope not.

It might just prompt a lot of younger people to get themselves vaccinated. This could go big! Let’s hope the vaccines work against the Indian and new variant of the Indian now found in Yorkshire. Let’s hope the young do not get seriously ill and die!

Our Track and Trace is useless. Even with relatively low numbers it is not coping. What will it do if the numbers take off. Same as before I suppose – sweet Fanny Adams. £37 billion spaffed up the wall (Probably in Dido Harding’s bank account on the Cayman Islands.)

So how much are these people being paid to produce this useless service:

Some executives from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) helping the government set up and run its testing system are being paid day rates of around £7,000 – equivalent to an annual salary of around £1.5m.

Where can I apply? Oh damn! I’m not a Tory!

Wouldn’t it have been a good idea to have kept it out in the first place??

I know – we could have shut out borders and insisted on strict quarantine – just like Australia and New Zealand!

I know – we could have segregated our travellers from Red zone countries from our Green zone and not crowded them together for hours!

Obviously all too difficult for this government to get its head round.

For the past month we have been allowing huge numbers to come into the country unchecked, to mingle at airports and spread it, to go off into the community and spread it! Is it any wonder that the cases have started to go up!

They proudly announce today that they are going to have special terminals for travellers from Red zone countries as if this is wonderful news – rearrange – THE HORSE BOLTED STABLE DOOR AFTER BOLT THE.


Are the government going to accept responsibility for all the deaths they will cause (Like they’ve done for the 128,000 their policies, unpreparedness, dithering and late action has already caused?)

When I got my new glasses they have transition tint. I chose grey tint. I wish I’d chosen rose. I could do without seeing the lunacy this bunch of clowns are wreaking. I’d rather look at it through rose-tinted glasses. It’s better for my blood pressure.

The Indian variant is proving very damaging but the Eton variant is the most damaging of all! It’s wrecking the country!

So now, as we all weigh up the conflicting advice and wade through the spaghetti of government guidance and differing policy I think I’ll try and go through the next few months with my eyes tightly shut. Maybe it’ll all go away?

Or perhaps I’ll just head off out of the country to some Red zone country for a spot of respite!

Stay Safe!!

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