Curtains for the BBC

It’s wallpaper for Johnson and curtains for the BBC. Chris Riddell puts his finger on it again.

Liar liar your pants on fire!!

The Tories have been packing the BBC with Tories to make it a propaganda machine for the Tory party. Now they’ve got an excuse to do even more.

I remember back to the Miners’ Strike how the BBC was used to spread fake news. They even reversed the order of events at Orgreave to make it seem that it was the miners to blame and not the police.

The BBC has always been biased. I think it is going to be a lot more so in the future.

Johnson’s lies will go without comment!

6 thoughts on “Curtains for the BBC

  1. the beeb has also been a beacon of broadcasting and production values…translated globally. look at “….the BBC session” music productions…great stuff, all recorded so well.

      1. in the late 60s, specifically, late year 67, worked for a radio network called ‘the Buckley Broadcasting Corporation…BBC. A golden voiced wit at the station produced a clever spot/ “You’re listening to the BBC (cue Big Ben top of hour chimes) the Buckley Broadcasting Corporation….” aired ahead of a “british invasion” band cut for effect.

      2. The BBC has always stood for something (and still does) even though from time to time it lets itself down.

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