The Corona Diaries – Day 421

Strange showery day today. Sometimes nice, warm and sunny, next chilly and pouring with rain. Not like last yesr!

We had friends around for a meal so I took my walk in two halves. I’m still managing to maintain my consecutive 10,000 steps a day – 421 of them! I’m averaging 15,500 a day – about 9 kilometres. I don’t know if it’s keeping me fit or wearing my body out! I think the latter!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland the easing of lockdown coincides with the raging of covid. Having let the virus into the country through sheer stupidity and silliness (desperate for a trade deal with India because of the Brexit fiasco) we will now see if the panic and deployment of government cronies (Dido and co) can contain it. If the past record is anything to go on – probably not. I think we should start up a petition to declare this government the most incompetent in living memory (and that’s saying something).

How many more blunders, lies and blatant corrupt instances are they going to be excused?

Is this just a Boris Johnson personality cult? Can’t people see what a bloated, lazy dilettante the man is? His lying and duplicity extend way back and he keeps getting away with it – wife after wife, affair after affair, job after job. When will people wake up?

Having once again been far to late and lax (with airports still not segregating people) our resident clown in chief is now promising draconian action!! Whatever!!!

I suppose it’ll be another oven-ready, world-beating setting of actions – probably involving splashing billions more out to his chums while he stays at home and redecorates.

Meanwhile they are predicting that the Indian variant could cause such a surge that it will push hospitals back to January levels and kill thousands! All for two weeks of open borders!! How many thousand infected people came in from India due to Johnson’s incompetence???

Now the pigeon’s come home to roost. All those antivaxxers and vaccine hesitant people are filling our hospitals and spreading the disease. Fucking imbeciles!! I hope their irresponsible stupidity is making them think. The cases are nearly all in vulnerable people who could have been vaccinated but chose not to. How many of them will die? And how much riskier is it for everyone with them spreading the disease.

No vaccine is a 100% and the antivaxxers are likely to kill a lot of people who do not deserve to die. They were responsible.

It was interesting to see what Cummings said about them:

Dominic Cummings has claimed that government “secrecy” in its handling of the Covid crisis “contributed greatly to the catastrophe”.

The prime minister’s former adviser tweeted that its performance had been “part disaster, part non-existent”.

That about sums it up!

Stay Safe – I’m off to watch the footie!!

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