The Corona Diaries – Day 411

As it was pouring with rain nearly all day I decided to stay in and complete my rewrite of my Sci-fi book – The Pornography Wars. That’s precisely what I did. I have completed the 3rd rewrite!

I was playing some Miles Davis and even did a read of my Philip Roth.

After that I went into town to have a chat with the man in the camera shop. I’ve been very unhappy with my bridge camera. I love the versatility but there is something lacking in the quality. I was looking for an improvement and checking out the Nikon with telephoto lens. It looks good but quite expensive. Leaves me undecided. Anybody got an ideas??

By late afternoon the weather had cleared up and I was able to take an 8 K walk. It was really warm! What’s going on? It’s been cold for so long it’s a shock to the system. My calf is still playing up so I avoided my hill! Frustrating!

I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that Johnson has done so well. It really is unbelievable. The fact that such a shallow, corrupt, lying, hypocritical man of extreme gaucheness and extravagant crudity could appeal to the working class is beyond me. They excuse the lies. They excuse the sleaze and I don’t even think they see the laziness and ineptitude.

The result may ultimately be a good thing. The election counts for little. It is the General Election that will really count. This result smacked to me of Brexit and Covid. The damaging aspects of Brexit have been hidden up by Covid. The incompetence when dealing with Covid has been masked by the vaccine.

I am hopeful that in two years time, when Covid is a thing of the past, the damage done by Brexit will be obvious and the incompetent handling of Covid, which needlessly killed 128,000 people, will have been brought out into the open.

The Tories will undoubtedly wound themselves with their own arrogance. They think they can do anything. Nobody cares about sleaze or cronyism. We’ll see.

As for Labour – they need to have a good set of policies (like Corbyn had), stop the infighting, the two wings join together behind a manifesto and take the fight to the Tories. Starmer has been Mr. Invisible.

Meanwhile – out in Coronaland our death-rates are low – just 15 deaths yesterday, but we still have 2490 new cases. It hasn’t gone away. Vaccinating the most vulnerable has greatly reduced hospitalisation and serious illness. The Indian variant is worrying spreading very rapidly. I hope Dido has her skates on because we are going to have to move fast. This is where cronyism is shown up for what it is. Dido Harding was a Tory shoved into position for the money. What we needed was someone appointed on merit, not because just they support Johnson (or happen to be Hancock’s landlord). It’s the same story with everything. Instead of merit all you need is to be a Tory donor. That’s how sleaze and corruption works. The result is incompetence and profiteering.

India and Brazil are still in dire straits. It makes you want to shout ‘I Told You So!’ If you go electing populist incompetent imbeciles like Trump, Modi, Bolsonaro, Erdogan and Johnson you get what you deserve – chaos, incompetence and corruption!

I was disappointed with the Green countries earmarked for summer holidays. I’ve already been to the Falklands and places like Australia and New Zealand have got sensible governments who won’t let you in without quarantine! Shame we haven’t got the same! Perhaps we’ll go to Greece!!

All told – a good productive day! Stay safe and prosper!!

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