The Corona Diaries – Day 395

Today was sunny and actually became quite warm like a summer day (though the air still feels cold). I really enjoyed my walk up on to the wolds. The air was clear. I could see out to sea.

A buzzard circled above me and a plane, very high up, was leaving a vapour trail and also circling. That is very strange. Firstly we don’t see too many planes these days and secondly they don’t circle. It looked like the plane was mimicking the buzzard – or the other way round.

It was probably some military training – or it could have been a spy plane keeping an eye on me! We’ll never know!

The warmth certainly brought the birds out. I saw great tits, long-tailed tits, blue tits, chaffinches, bullfinches, gold finches, hedge sparrows and a number of birds I could not identify. I also heard my woodpecker drumming (in-between gunshots as the locals try to blast anything that moves – it’s a human pastime – killing). Notice – I have a tendency to lay claim to anything I see and hear. They’re all mine!

The starlings squabbled over the suet while sparrows and blackbirds waited underneath for the morsels they dropped. Pigeons ate the seed. A blackbird ate the mealworm. A chaffinch was on the feeder. A robin sat and waited. Not one of them said thanks.

Meanwhile in Coronaland the sleaze, corruption, incompetence, coupled with voter gullibility, remains depressing.

A friend dropped by today for a coffee in the garden. We talked about how the Tories are controlling the media, changing the boundaries and squashing protest. It was dispiriting. Despite their lies, sleaze and ineptitude they still have a daunting lead. There is no sign of a viable opposition and the public seem to excuse everything.

They don’t care about Dyson, Ratcliffe or Jenrick. Bojo Direct seems fine. It’s OK for billionaires to have Bojo on speed dial to gain favours, contracts or tax breaks. They don’t see that as corrupt. It’s OK for contracts to be given out willy-nilly to Tory donors without due process while nurses have their pay cut.

Immorality rules!! OK??

Jennifer Arcuri said that if she had known she could have just phoned him up to get the cash she wouldn’t have bothered shagging him!

What have we come to?

A joke that’s what!

Planes crammed with Indians fleeing India, carrying the lethal vaccine evading variant, are flooding into the UK without any restrictions to avoid the Friday deadline.

Are we mad?? We have spent billions rolling out a vaccine programme and we have allowed both the Brazilian and Indian variations into the country. Both of them make the vaccine useless. Doesn’t this clown ever learn?

Too late again Johnson!!! You’ve already killed 127,000 with your dithering and late shutdown!! Now you are dithering again!! Shut the fucking borders you moron!! Bring in a strict quarantine!!!

I think I might ring up Bojo on Bojo Direct to see if I can negotiate a multimillion contract or two. I’ll make something up. With the proceeds I’ll emigrate to New Zealand for a bit of sanity.

You know, I really think that a large section of the world has gone insane! The Telegraph/Daily Mail/Express/Sun reading, Trump supporting, Brexiteering, Farage loving, Johnson excusing, antivaxxing, climate change deniers, seem to be a new subspecies. There’s a virus at work?? Something in the water?? Government hypnotism?? A drug in the coffee?? Brainwashing??

Intelligence has gone out the window.

I’m meeting up with friends for lunch tomorrow. That’ll be a breathe of sanity!! I’ll have a beer and we’ll laugh. We’ll share the same values. We all think Johnson is a greedy, inept chancer, that the climate is changing, fascism is on the rise again, nature is being destroyed, morality is dead, the next war is coming, Brexit is a disaster and the world is going to the precipice in a shitwagon.

But we’ll also talk music and laugh a lot!!

After that we’re off to get our second jab!! Here’s to freedom!!


Stay safe!!

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