The Corona Diaries – Day 387

It was another cold frosty start that gave way to a sunny day. I did my usual walk up my hill to feed Smudge his carrot.

Back home I’ve been editing and listening to Don and Dewey. I needed something with a bit of bite because it’s been a frustrating day.

I’ve had to deal with BT concerning my TV box having gone Kaput and Together Energy about changing energy suppliers. How come when you deal with any of these people you spend hours on hold to finally end up talking to some minion who doesn’t know what’s going on or why. They tell you they’ve sorted it and nothing happens. Then two weeks later you have to go through the same performance again and you’re no further forward!!

Talk about frustrating!!!

So for another week we have no TV!!!

Out in Coronaland it is just as frustrating. The country is opening up due to the vaccine but everything is not rosy.

Although all the vulnerable group have been offered the vaccine (and the over 40s are just coming on line – the over 30s in six weeks time) there is still around 1.6 million antivaxxers who are in the vulnerable group.

The fear is that the unvaccinated young will mix and the virus will start to spread rapidly. That shouldn’t matter too much for the under 40s as they are unlikely to become too ill. It does mean that the vulnerable antivaxxers will suddenly find themselves much more at risk and many of them will become very ill (swamping the health service) and die.

This is what is delaying our return to normality!!

There is a school of thought that says that they’ve made their bed – let them lie on it. If they want to dice with death – let them! The only problem with that is that thousands of them will end up in intensive care on ventilators. It will cost a fortune and put a huge strain on the NHS. That could put us all back into lockdown!!

So why are these people refusing the vaccine? It certainly doesn’t make sense to me. The risk from the virus is so very much greater than the risk of the vaccine. Do they want to dice with ventilators or death?

It seems:

a. Some are scared. They think the vaccine is untried and could have bad health effects (I think this is rubbish – it’s been tested on many millions and is extremely safe – the risk of a blood clot – 1 in a million – is so slight as to be not worth considering. We take far bigger risks that that every day – just walking to the shops is probably more of a risk).

b. Some believe the silly conspiracy theories put out by irresponsible idiots (usually coming from wacky groups in the USA). The Hindus are told that there are cow products in the vaccine. The Muslims are told there are pig products. Some people believe that there is a tracking device, or control device in the vaccine. Some people believe it is the government trying to control us or Bill Gates tracking us. There are an endless stream of completely mad nonsense theories.

c. Some people believe their bodies are holy temples that should not be polluted with artificial medicines such as vaccines. They only eat organic vegetables and use herbs to boost their immune systems. Unfortunately these people do not understand science or the nature of viruses. Neither healthy diets or immune boosting herbs counter viruses. If you don’t have the antibody you get ill. That’s why smallpox kills hundreds of millions – no matter what they ate or what herbs they used. Corona virus is a new virus. It doesn’t respond to herbs and you can’t boost your immune system to prevent it.

d. Some people do not believe in science. They believe in alternative medicine. Unfortunately no alternative medicines work against viruses. These people get very ill and die. (On the wacky end we have the silliness of using rhino horns and tiger penises – how mad can people get?)

e. Some people do not think there is a virus at all – this is just a government ploy to take away our freedom! (I know – all the governments in the world getting together to create a ploy to destroy their own economies – obviously true!)

f. Some people think it was caused by 5G – I think we have David Icke to blame for that one!

Well I for one put my trust in science. Without vaccination we’d still be ravaged by smallpox, polio, tuberculosis and countless other killer diseases. Science saved billions of lives. Alternative medicine fails.

The same idiots putting forward the conspiracy theories are the ones who believe the world is flat and Jesus is coming back next week!! (I don’t think he is!)

One thing is clear – without vaccination we are in lockdown forever. Vaccination is our passport to freedom. Those people who are against vaccination are only going to be safe if everyone else is vaccinated. In other words they are taking a free ride (if they live long enough) on everyone else’s shirt tails!!

In short – you owe it to yourself and your community to get vaccinated – don’t believe the bullshit!!

Which brings me to the vaccine passports. They are coming folks! Israel is the most vaccinated country and a template for the rest of us. The Vaccine passport is used everywhere and has become an accepted part of life. You want to go into a restaurant you have to show you’ve been vaccinated in order to get in – to keep you safe and the others in the restaurant. Gove is heading to Israel to check it out. That tells you.

I don’t want to go in a cinema with unvaccinated people. No vaccine is 100%. Those people are at a high risk of spreading the disease whereas vaccinated people are very low risk. I want to minimise my risk. I am allergic to ventilators and really don’t want to spend months comatose with no control over my bladder or rectum. I want a vaccine passport to make me safer!

One passing mention – it seems to me that it is all the populist leaders who have made the biggest messes of dealing with Covid-19 – Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi, Ertogan and Johnson. They are very good at getting elected by promising the earth and telling lies, but utterly useless at doing anything. Their ineptitude is stark.

They are investigating a mix and match of vaccines for Autumn. So looking forward to my second jab!!

Stay safe, get vaccinated – Freedom!!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 387

  1. Well Opher, I’ve had rather a good day. The beard is trimmed at last – after five months! And I’ve finished my latest COVID rant. And it is a rant! I’ve started to analyze lockdown data down to the level of individual measures. There’s a lot to say about that. Hopefully, I’ll get it out in the morning.

    The only walk I got today was twice round the lake. The white goose was there on her island, but she seemed to be limping.

    Ah yes, “support” from big companies. The last time I had a similar experience, I wrote a poem about it: Maybe you should do something similar.

    But on vaccinations, oh dear. Of course, as an individualist I’m happy to lie in a bed I chose to make. If you want to persuade me that causes a problem for other people, you need to prove your case. In any case, I’m not “taking a ride on other people’s shirt-tails.” I’ve already had the damned thing! Been there, done that, got the T-cells.

    On the points you list, I can understand (a). After all, it took four years for thalidomide to be recognized for what it was. And I understand (c) too. I’m no fan of feminism; but feminists are right when they say “My body, my choice.” For me, it’s a matter of principle. I will not take any medical treatment (except, obviously, the minimum necessary in an emergency when I’m in no fit state to judge) without agreeing to it.

    And if you don’t want to go to the cinema with unvaccinated people, Opher, don’t go to the cinema!

    1. I thought I’d explained that Neil. The antivaxxers will likely prolong lockdown and put everyone in danger. Not only will they cost a fortune by getting ill and taking up intensive care space, knacker the NHS, cause us to have to lock down again because of the rising death rate, but they will be a breeding ground for virus giving rise to more troublesome variants and putting all of us at risk (as no vaccine is 100%). Unvaccinated people are a menace.
      As for already having had it. Who knows. You never had a test. You don’t know what you had. It probably wasn’t Covid. Even if it was the immunity from contagion only lasts a short while. You are no longer immune you need vaccinating. My son definitely had. He was ill, tested and positive in the summer. He still had the vaccine because he knew how important it was. As a nurse practitioner he’s seen how ill people get and many dying.
      I don’t want irresponsible people out in the community infecting others – in cinemas, restaurants, clubs or anywhere. Why should I lose my liberty because they choose to be irresponsible?
      I’ll look forward to reading your rant tomorrow Neil.

      1. Rant published at

        I couldn’t take a COVID test, because there were no tests available at the time – the virus wasn’t officially even in the UK yet! Yet I have every reason to believe that it was COVID I had, because a month after I fell ill, the very first confirmed cases in my area were found – they were also some of the earliest confirmed human to human transmissions in the UK. And there was a likely three-step transmission path from me to those people; from me to a young lad in my brass band, from him to a schoolmate, from the schoolmate to his parents.

        And, while immunity conferred by antibodies only lasts a few months, T-cell immunity lasts very much longer – does it not? I’ve heard well more than a year against other somewhat similar viruses. In effect, the T-cells do everything the vaccine does, but more “naturally.”

        Opher, I really can’t believe what you are saying about losing your liberty because some people choose to be “irresponsible.” You are not losing any liberty. At worst, you might be subjected to a small (almost certainly minuscule) increased risk of infection.
        You will have had the vaccine anyway – so if it works, there will be all but zero chance of you getting seriously ill. And yet, you want to suppress other people’s fundamental liberties just because of a tiny risk you can’t even quantify!

        That’s typical of leftists – they want freedom for themselves, but aren’t prepared to allow the same for others. When you say unvaccinated people are a menace, I’ll counter that leftists are a menace! (And I’m no rightist).

      2. I’ll check out your rant Neil.
        Neil – you may have had Covid but I doubt it. My sister was certain she’d had it, then, three months later she went down with covid and was really ill (she’s in her 50s). She still is suffering six months later.
        It appears that going down with covid does not give you immunity for long. Like the vaccine, we need a second dose to build up long term immunity. The idea of T-cell protection is very uncertain. Certainly T-cells and antibodies are both involved. Even if you had the virus, which is debatable, you are very unlikely to have any immunity now. You are very much at risk. I’d get vaccinated if I was you. You could die or be in intensive care. Things are going to get hairy for antivaxxers when we open up.
        Of course I’m losing liberty. If the 1.6 million antivaxxers in the risk group start going down with covid in large numbers and dying – we go back into lockdown. If I go to the cinema after my second jab I still have a risk – they are at best 96% effective. I might be unlucky. If all around everyone else is vaccinated my risk is reduced to nil. If they are not. If there are unvaccinated people who could be carrying the virus I could get ill.
        This why we still have polio, measles, rubella and TB etc – because of antivaxxers. We could easily eradicate all these nasty virus diseases just like we did with smallpox. It’s basically a bunch of religious nutters.
        To reach herd immunity we have to have up to 90% of the population vaccinated (more with some viruses, less with others) – why should antivaxxers sit on the shirttails of those who get vaccinated??
        What are you scared of Neil? Look at the stats. Risk of death or severe illness by being vaccinated or unvaccinated – you’re the stats man.

      3. Well Opher, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I can be very stubborn when my principles are threatened! And I can, in my own way, get quite nasty with those that want to take away my liberties just because I stand up for my principles. The pen is mightier than the sword, and all that…

        Anyway, I’m not feeling guilty about it. I have outgrown any collective guilt I might ever have allowed myself to feel about anything, and I’m pretty much immune to the barbs of those that try to make me feel collective guilt. As to individual guilt, I require proof beyond reasonable doubt before I will accept anything. The burden of proof must always be on those that want to restrict or take away someone’s liberties. In this case, they would have to show (quantitatively) that an unvaccinated individual actually IS a significant risk to those around them, compared to a vaccinated individual with the same behaviour. And that isn’t easy.

      4. Isn’t it obvious??? Or is that just my biological background? Unvaccinated people are a menace to everyone – a breeding ground for the virus – a source of variants – spreaders of the virus. It is so obvious. Apart from that their illness and death puts strain on resources and stress for all those concerned.
        Get vaccinated. It’ll save your life and make us all safer.

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