The Corona Diaries – Day 354

It is still very blowy and cold up here in Yorkshire. I went for a longer walk with my mate Nic. We wandered up onto the Wolds, got rained on and came back in sunshine!

You might notice that the whole world is now a working remarkably better. That is because Nic and I have sorted it all out!

Back home I have been editing my Harper book (76 more pages to go). I’ve written a page or two of my Sci-fi novel and have been entertaining myself with some excellent Sonny Boy Williamson!!

There are not enough hours in the day.

Meanwhile – out there in Coronaland I note the Tory Party is taking greater charge of the media. Their takeover of the BBC is now complete. Their appointed man has started to purge all left-leaning programmes under the guise of removing bias. What a joke!! The latest casualty is the MASH Report. It seems that satire taking a swipe at Brexit and the government is out.

The BBC has cancelled The Mash Report, the satirical show that became the focus of criticism over perceived left-wing bias in the corporation’s comedy output.

The programme, hosted by Nish Kumar and featuring Rachel Parris, below, regularly targeted the Government and Brexit.

Tim Davie, the director-general, has made impartiality one of his biggest priorities and signalled on his arrival last year that the drive would extend beyond news to comedy shows.

The BBC, like nearly all the newspress is now a propaganda machine for the Tory Party – and they call this a democracy?????

They’ll be shutting this blog down soon!!!

The current corona situation is:

CountryNew cases yesterdayDeaths from Covid-19 yesterday
New Zealand10

What can we learn from this?

The situation in the UK and USA has improved but is still far too high.

The situation in Brazil is completely out of control – Bolsonaro (like Trump and Johnson) is a fool. He has allowed the virus, his little flu, to get out of control. It is now a breeding ground for lethal mutant variants.

The situation in Vietnam and New Zealand is under control.

Vietnam and New Zealand know what they are doing. The USA, UK and Brazil haven’t got a clue.

We could learn from them!!

Here in the UK the roll-out of the vaccine has been seen as a light in the darkness. We can see the end of the journey. Or can we? The deaths have come tumbling with the vaccine. The hospital cases have tumbled too. All great stuff. Government popularity has surged. People are fickle. They forgive the dithering, incompetence and bad decision making. They even forgive the corruption and cronyism. Just as long as they can get out of lockdown it doesn’t matter. 125,000 unnecessary deaths due to bad government, billions of pounds wasted and given to Tory friends. Never mind. All is forgiven.

We are beginning to come out of lockdown.

Except – we could be heading for a huge third wave that will kill more than the other two!

As all the vaccinated people start to mingle the virus will be passed around and take a heavy toll on those who are unvaccinated (particularly the vulnerable antivaxxers) and the small minority of the vaccinated for whom the vaccine has not produced immunity. That is millions of people!

Then we have the variants to consider.

Then we have Long Covid to come to terms with.

For me, already vaccinated, I feel safe. I now have a small risk. I’m looking forward to getting my freedom back – travel, friends, cinema, gigs. For the country – it’s still dire!!

Stay safe!!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 354

  1. If they had taken a sane attitude to the vaccination process, and kept to the three-week interval the vaccine manufacturers recommended, you would already be “home free,” Opher. Instead, they chose to force on to all of us an extra nine weeks of lockdown. Typical of politicians – of all parties.

    I’ve just finished my latest COVID rant. I’ll publish it on my little blog tomorrow morning. The Israelis seem to be doing well.

    The parliamentary debate on Monday will be interesting. This could be NO2ID all over again!

    1. Lol – I look forward to seeing what comes out of that debate next week. Starmer certainly has plenty of ammunition. I’ll check out your rant tomorrow. I like rants.

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