Project Fear becomes Project Reality

Let me see now – what were we promised??

Oh yes – £350 million a week for the NHS!

A seamless ‘Oven Ready’ Deal.

Frictionless barriers.

Everything was labelled Project Fear!

What have we go???

Exports to EU down 40.7%

Imports from EU down 26.8%

Firms drowning in red tape.

Restrictions on travel.

Firms shutting down.

Firms moving abroad.

A colossal undisclosed amount spent on thousands of bureaucrats, thousands of lawyers, thousands of customs officers.

A colossal amount on extra border checks, customs posts, lorry parks.

An end to EU collaboration projects.

Huge cost of duplicating EU projects.

Delays at ports for extra paperwork for travel and goods.

Extra costs incurred.

Price rises.

Extra costs for travelling to Europe – health, and insurance.

What were those benefits we were promised??

4 thoughts on “Project Fear becomes Project Reality

  1. I have to say, when Brexit was first proposed, it was so f…..g obvious these problems would arise. They were the very basis of the reason for our membership of the EU in the first place. Leaving the EU is to undo 40 years of careful mediating of our trading standards, let alone losing the convenience of relaxed border controls etc.

    They’ve had four years to season the oven-ready deal but it would seem they haven’t even fired up the cooker yet.

    1. I am afraid that our country is in thrall to a bunch of lunatic extremists for whom nationalism, xenophobia and racism trump all common sense. They really don’t care about the price we pay. They are motivated by an arrogant sense of superiority born of Eton.
      Unfortunately, as is obvious when confronted with their capabilities, this is grossly ill-founded. They are full of wind but no substance.
      The thing I find most worrying is their ability to convince a majority of British that this jaundiced view of theirs is in the national interest.
      I fear we will pay a heavy price for this gullibility.
      It was a shame that the Stay case was put so badly and did not put up a worthy argument.
      All this chaos, loss of power and massive costs was obvious from the start. It should have been explained cogently and forcefully. It wasn’t.
      Project fear will not come to pass. The irony is that these nationalists have badly wounded their own country. Fools…….

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