Poetry – Sun Life

Sun Life

Sun shine

Sky blue

Leaf green

Wet dew

Cool drink

Broad sea

Brown sand

Run free

Pleasure rife

Big grin

Clasped hand

All win

Opher 28.3.2016

Sun Life

It’s a beautiful planet we live on with its broad expanses of waters, cooling breezes and green vegetation.

It’s a jewel.

Life runs free on that rich soil.

This is the world we evolved on. A symbiotic web of life that is all sustaining.

This is the goldilocks planet.

There is so much beauty and wonder crammed into a tiny corner of the galaxy.

We need to breathe it in every now and then, to feel its awesome strength and relish its unlikely marvels. The fact that we are here at all is incredible.

To have the consciousness to appreciate its splendours is something to celebrate.

A mere second in this place is worth a billion years of oblivion.

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