The Corona Diaries – Day 352

It was a wet miserable cold day in Yorkshire. I looked out at the rain and decided to stay in and write.

After editing fifteen pages of my Harper book I set about writing my Sci-fi novel. That was going well too!

As I worked I’ve been playing Leonard Cohen, It’s amazing how quickly the time passes.

In the afternoon I got myself togged up in waterproofs and went out for my walk and to visit my adopted horse. He was very cold and wet but appreciated the carrots I bought him.

Back in the madness of Coronaland I had a conversation with someone I know about Boris Johnson. He was of the opinion that he’d done a good job. His stance was that nobody could have seen it coming. I put him right and told him that we new one was coming. We just ignored it. We had a heated discussion about the 124,000 deaths, worst record in the world, Cygnus report, dithering and unpreparedness. Boggles me how anyone can think he’s done a good job – 37 Billion on useless T & T, cronyism, wasted money…………………… A useless bunch of self-serving imbeciles. The only people worse are Trump and Bolsonaro. I don’t think he was listening!

I remain astounded by the gullibility!! There’s a propaganda machine at work here.

Can we start to look forward to a brighter future? Yes and no. Certainly the virus infection numbers are going down as are deaths and hospitalisation. Certainly the numbers vaccinated are rising. 21 million so far. But that still leaves 47 million for the virus to work on.

My fear is that as we open up the virus will spread rapidly. Fortunately most of the most vulnerable have been protected by the vaccine, but that leaves the youngsters who are yet to be vaccinated, the antivaxxers (up to 40% in some communities) and the small percentage of those vaccinated where the vaccine has not created immunity (between 4 and 9% – after two jabs).

The youngsters should be largely alright – asymptomatic and mild – but there is increasing evidence that people in their thirties and forties are developing serious illness requiring hospitalisation. The antivaxxers tend to be concentrated in poor areas or BME communities – the very people who are most vulnerable. I think they are going to find themselves devastated with very high death-rates – as are the vaccinated who discover they are not immune.

My fear is that the NHS will be overwhelmed with new cases in these groups and we will find ourselves being locked down again.

The only way out of that is for the antivaxxers to get themselves vaccinated then we will have far better herd immunity and the whole population will be safer.

My other fear is that the variants take off. As we have a useless T&T system there is little chance of controlling them if they get out of hand. That could lead to another lockdown and a much more lethal illness. It could also make the vaccine useless so that we are back to square one and all have to have a booster jab.

So yes – the sunshine is coming – but there are a couple of big dark clouds on the horizon!!

Stay safe and get yourself jabbed!!

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