The Corona Diaries – Day 323

I got up to a lot more snow today! It looks pretty! I decided to take the camera and go for an early walk. It was a bit slippery going up the hill but the view from the top was stunning – nice light and interesting clouds.

On the way back there was a blizzard! Interesting! Exhilarating.

Back home I’ve been reading a Robert Harris book and listening to Neil Young. Isolation can be interesting! I’m having a break from editing!

Out in Coronaland the numbers of new cases, hospital cases and deaths continue to head in the right direction. The vaccination programme is rolling out.

The worry is still the new variants. The scientists think that the South African variant, which makes the vaccine less effective, is likely to be much more widely spread but is not the dominant strain.

It is obvious what the strategy is. They want to get the vaccine out to as many people as possible. Get the numbers of cases down to handleable numbers and then they will be largely left with the South African variant. They can use the track and trace to identify and isolate cases thus getting it under control.

Good luck with that. With Dido Harding in charge I’m very skeptical. Put it in the hands of the NHS and we’ll have a chance.

It was interesting to hear Johnson talking about overhauling the NHS and reducing the private sector interest. I think they have even begun to realise that the private sector is crap. An epiphany!!

Over in the States they are beginning the impeachment of Trump. On the face of it a simple task. He spent months spreading lies and conspiracy, falsely claiming mass fraud and election rigging even before the election. He then called on fascist groups and incited them to march on the Capitol. Cut and dried. He lied, he incited and he tried to stage a coup.

But the Republican senators will put their own re-election in front of the nation, forget their morality, show great cowardice and vote on partisan lines.

It’s time the Republican party decides if it is the party of QAnon, Fascists, white supremacists, lies and conspiracy or the party of conservative values. At the moment it’s leaning towards immorality and fascism.

We’ll see.

Out in China the WHO group are looking into the origin of the pandemic. They have concluded that it is extremely unlikely that the virus escaped from a Chinese lab. They think it originated in a wild animal in a wet market.

They are still investigating.

Stay safe. The end is not nigh!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 323

  1. It sounds like the snow was a welcome distraction. Here in the states we wish both parties would stop fighting and concentrate on fighting this virus. The people at the bottom are hurting.

    1. Lol – I think at this point in time anything that creates change is a necessary diversion. I enjoyed the snow.
      I know. It sounds as if the USA is in a mess. The division needs healing and there are important issues to deal with – AI, the economy, the virus, racism and foreign policy – but I can’t help feeling that the issue of Trump and the coup requires dealing with first.

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