16 thoughts on “Liz Cheney speaks about Trump’s guilt

  1. Liz Chaney ….ewwwwwwwwww her husband committed war crimes, not just did he orchestrate 9/11 – that vile inside job, he used it to impose the criminal Patriot Act upon American Civil liberties and then invaded Afghanistan and Iraq! May that bitch quickly die.

    1. Yes. Terrible – and who could imagine that there would be something even worse than that in Trump. But there was. He was an ignorant fascist.
      Thank heavens I’m not a Republican. I hope they all rot.

      1. “He was an ignorant fascist” utter bull shit. Once more you stick to your disgusting MO of making wild idiotic accusations and condemnations and bring zero supporting evidence. Learn how to write. English lit 101 a general statement requires qualifying particulars.

      2. Trump was and is a fascist. Empowering far-right groups, backing the Nazi Proud Boys, running a totalitarian state, organising a coup to overturn a legitimate election. Using racism and lies to create division for personal gain.

  2. “Trump was and is a fascist.” This BS declaration adds nothing to the existing conversation. Nothing but padder and fluff, what a waste of time! “Empowering far-right groups”. Same MO, you love to make general condemnations whereby you publicly condemn President Trump. NOT a single specific case where President Trump empowered any far-right groups!! Dumb Ass your word on the matter does not merit respect. According to the New York Post: “Asked to denounce violent right-wing extremist groups including the Proud Boys during Tuesday’s raucous presidential debate, President Trump only told them to “stand back and stand by” — a response cheered by members.”

    The language of President Trump in no way supports a police — think Brown Shirt — alliance with Poor Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!! The latter would duplicate Nazi fascism. Your example therefore – totally not connected to the spot policy leadership decisions President Trump made. Your 20/20 hindsight stupidity merits nothing but revulsion and contempt.

      1. In a few hundred years time there will be no Israel or Palestine. In seven billion years time there will be no humans, no earth, we’ll all be in the sun.

  3. Time magazine: President Trump condemned the violent attack on a crowd of counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Va., that left one dead and 19 injured Saturday.

      1. More non sense – should be more nonsense. It still isn’t a sentence. It lacks a verb. I suggest – ‘this is more nonsense’. Then it’s a proper sentence with proper words.
        Ought to be what? – This again is not a sentence. It lacks a verb. I suggest – ‘This ought to be what?’ – not a brilliant sentence but at least it now has a verb.
        When will you learn to write a complete sentence. This is a question yet lacks a question mark. It should be – ‘When will you learn to write a complete sentence?’
        Pathetic uneducated moron. Again is not a sentence at all. It lacks a verb and it merely three words strung together. I suggest – ‘You are a pathetic, uneducated moron.’

        Were you attempting to illustrate to me how not to write? Or is it an innate inability to write properly?

        Anyway, glad to be of assistance. Education is always fulfilling. Sometimes it’s an uphill struggle.

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