The Corona Diaries – Day 316

How changeable is the weather? Very changeable!

Yesterday was blue sky and sunshine (though still cold), today is constant rain! I don’t like cold and rain!

So today I attended a fun zoom meeting with my fellow writers! So good to meet up! It meant that my walk had to be postpond to the afternoon!

I also wrote a story, did some editing and had the Sex Pistols to accompany me!

Today is V Day plus 1!

Yesterday I had my first vaccine jab. A Pfizer! Strange. I had lots of encouragement and well-wishing, some warnings and reminders of conspiracy theories, and a number of tales of their own experience.

We had our time slot in our local hospital five minutes drive away. I dressed for the part – with an easily removed fleece. We arrived in the car park, put on our masks and were ushered in. It was all very efficient. The receptionist took our details.

We only had to wait two minutes.

The nurse asked us a number of mundane questions – name, age, address, did we have Covid symptoms? Had we had a reaction to injections? etc. All very straightforward.

We were given our injection. Liz didn’t even feel hers. Mine was a slight sting, nothing more.

We had to wait fifteen minutes to ensure we had no adverse reaction and then returned home. Neither of us had the slightest reaction.

This morning our arms were slightly tender but other than that absolutely nothing. No head ache, no pain, no grogginess.

I read up on the efficacy. It is a little open to debate. It looks as if it might be around 50%. May be 30% or even 70%. Anyway, it appears that ater three weeks it will give some protection and should prevent an infection leading to a severe illness. That’s good!

Out in Coronaland things are getting better. In the USA we’re down to 139,290 new cases with 1990 deaths. In the UK it’s 18,607 new cases with 406 deaths.

Vietnam are getting to grips with the short blip. They have been blitzing the little outbreak. There was just 33 new cases and no deaths. New Zealand continue with their superb response – just three new cases and no deaths.

The vaccines roll out. The new variants continue to mutate. The race is on.

I thought it was amusing, after all the ridicule, that the Russian vaccine – Sputnik V – appears to be very effective after all.

It looks to me that we will get our second dose of Pfizer in March and have to have a booster in Autumn to deal with variants! At least we are making progress!

Things won’t be sorted until the whole world has been vaccinated!

All good stuff!

Stay safe!!

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