Poetry – Inside my head

Inside my head

I was enjoying myself playing with this idea. This was the second in my tumble drier trilogy. I didn’t quite get the scan quite how I wanted but I found that if you say it in a certain manner you can get it to work. (Thanks to Ian Cropton for getting me to address that last stanza.)

Communication is amazing.

All those neurons firing away in the dark, creating patterns of electricity that somehow have meaning. Evolution is wonderful.

I know that if I really peered inside at an operating brain all I’d see is dull grey blancmange. But I can fantasise.

Inside my head

There’s a hurricane inside my head;

A firework display of sparks.

Ideas spin like electric storm

In crescendo of fits and starts.

A tumble drier churns them round

As around they spin and fall.

A blizzard of electricity

In a scintillating squall.

I round them up like a herd of cats

And try to tie them down;

To translate them into the black and white

Of advective and noun.

This is them upon this page

Frozen as if in blocks of ice

No longer spinning in a rage;

Words will have to suffice.

I hope that when you read these words

The energy cascades.

That you see the colours that were in my head

And you will be amazed.

Opher 5.9.2015

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