The Corona Diaries – Day 302

It was a gloomy, rainy day in Yorkshire. I spent time donning all manner of waterproofing before venturing out. Bacteria had been at work transforming the pretty fallen leaves into piles of soggy brown gunk. There was not much to see or comment on. I scaled my hill and looked around. The whole landscape was enshrouded in a mist as the rain fell.

I watched the rain create rivulets each side of the road. There was a phenomenon that was intriguing. The water running down the road was streaming down with regular ripples. I wondered what was causing these regular mini waves. I’ll have to ask a physicist!

There was not much in the water of wildlife apart from a drenched blackbird or two and a number of dampened crows not even intent upon a murder.

I trudged back home. My 302nd consecutive five mile walk complete.

Back home I took my wet stuff off and played some Elvis Costello. These days in lockdown are quite predictable and demotivating.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Donald Trump is starting his last day in office. Yipppeee!!! Hopefully the start of something a lot better, a lot more compassionate, a lot more caring for the environment.

The populist form of fascism is over. Let’s hope it’s the last such experiment!

Putting America first is obviously referring to the huge number of new cases and deaths. It continues to set the pace with 142,587 new cases and 1441 deaths. Trump will bow out having killed 400,000!! Some achievement. No other President comes near. Not even in the First and Second World Wars!!

Make America Dead! He’ll have to change all those hats!!!

Here in the UK Johnson surpasses himself – a record number of deaths – 1610 people lost their life. The good news is that the new cases are coming down.

The other good news is that the vaccination programme is rolling out.

The one blot on that horizon is that some of the new variants might make the vaccine less effective. The evidence is coming in.

The variants seem to be hitting younger people more. Though I’d like to see some data on that. It could be government propaganda aimed at the young who are deemed to be spreading it by flouting rules.

The WHO have castigated rich western countries for buying up and hoarding vaccine. Rightly so. We need full worldwide vaccination in order to keep us all safe.

I know a number of people who have had the vaccine with no untoward effects. I can’t wait. I want normality!!!

So, stay safe! The nigh is end!!

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