The Corona Diaries – Day 292

That’s it – 292 consecutive 5 mile walks, 292 days spent squirreled away in isolation, 292 days of abnormality, 292 days of repetitive monotony – it’s draining!! It saps the spirit! It leaves you low, bored and lacking in energy. Days melt into each other. There’s no landmarks. Every day follows the same pattern.

You know what? I can’t be bothered.

Today I walked up my hill in glorious sunny frost. It was beautiful but more of the same.

I tended my blog and listened to Phil Ochs and felt listless. Even the stupidity of Trump couldn’t rouse me.

I wrote a couple of poems. Still feel bored and out of energy.

You don’t think I’ve got Covid do you?

Our risks are slight. We get home deliveries of food and shopping. We do not even visit supermarkets. I pop in to pick up a paper. On our walks we dodge people, crossing roads, waving and making small talk.

Tonight I’ll watch the TV – football and Bosch. More of the same.

This is getting beyond a joke.

I’ve got the Covid Blues.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the madness continues.

I actually have right-wingers on my blog still believing the big conman Trump. They still believe that the result of the election was stolen. Gullible fools. They still believe that the sites shoving out conspiracy theories are purveyors of free speech. Imbeciles.

In the UK things are becoming desperate. We have police having to drive ambulances, nurses and doctors trying to manage four times the number of patients than is safe, emergency wards full to overflowing, another 1034 deaths today.

The total deaths from flu in a year is usually up to 1000 in a bad winter – Covid has killed 80,000 people

In the USA it is a disaster. This table puts it in perspective. Covid-19 is set to kill more Americans than were killed in every single war they have fought in. 3894 people died yesterday. That is about the same number as were killed in the whole of the Iraq war.

World War 153,402
World War 2291,557
Gulf War149
Total deaths from all these wars
Total deaths from Covid-19369,000

There were another 300,594 new cases yesterday. At the current rate of deaths the number of deaths will exceed all deaths from war in sixteen days.

That is 369,000 deaths due to incompetence. Compared to countries such as Vietnam and New Zealand recording a mere 250 deaths and hardly any cases. Countries that took swift action, closed borders and tested people.

So we’ll see. Will he be kicked out of office or impeached? Will he resign?

It’s mad. This lunatic still has his finger on the nuclear button.

Time to put your head between your knees! Anything could happen.

Stay safe. An alternative end is nigh!

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