The Corona Diaries – Day 286

A cold but dry day in Yorkshire. I took my walk in the afternoon and spent the morning reading. With short cold days there isn’t much to do. Phoning friends and family is not the same as seeing them. You can’t beat a bunch of friends, a bottle or two of wine and a good natter.

I played some Tinariwen to cheer myself up. The rhythms they generate are exceptional. I think I could get lost in the Touareg Desert Blues.

Out in Coronaland there is the usual chaos.

You put one school in

You take one school out.

In. Out. In. Out

And shake it all about

You do the dither dither

And you turn around!

That’s what it’s all about!

Oh Tory Tory dither

Oh Tory Tory dither

In. Out. In. Out

Rah Rah Rah!!

But the exams will go ahead – or won’t they?? Yes. No. Yes. No.

As our cases soar to 57,724 new ones yesterday with 445 deaths we find that we’re even worse than Brazil – and that takes some doing!

What I would like is to be addressed by a competent leader who explains what is going on, the criteria they are applying – what numbers and factors indicate what sort of tier and lockdown – and what is going on. Our invisible clown seems incapable of doing that. He’s great at standing on soap boxes telling us how great things are going to be with world-beating apps, world-beating moonshots, world-beating track and trace, that it’ll all be over by Christmas and Brexit will take us straight to heaven. Unfortunately it’s all guff. He can’t deliver any of it. It’s all wind.

There seems to be arbitrary reasons for various tiers. Whether it’s track and trace, testing, or PPE – it’s all rubbish.

The only thing we are beating the world on is the number of deaths and damage to the economy!

These same jerks are the ones in charge of rolling out the vaccine!!! We’ve no hope!!

We’ve got the Christmas and New Year surge to look forward to! Hospitals might collapse! bulging at the seams, floors giving way, spewing patients and whatever doctors and nurses are left. Every man, woman and child for themselves!!

Even the US dumped Trump. Not surprising really – another 291384 new cases yesterday and 2373 deaths and he’s still out there playing golf and moaning.

The world is run by alien lizards. It is flat. They eat babies. There is no global warming. Concrete is good. Who needs plants and animals. We never landed on the moon and covid-19 is a hoax. Bill Gates is injecting us with microchips and Elvis is alive and well.

What a world we live in.

Meanwhile there are no deaths again in New Zealand and Vietnam.

So as we turn to face the beast from the east and a freezing spell of cold weather, Johnson and the Bullingdon boys contemplate a strict lockdown – or is it to come out of lockdown? The effects of Brexit job losses, red tape, restrictions, loss of freedoms and price rises will start to become apparent – and we stumble into the new year!!

Stay safe!! The end is nigh!!

PS – I still haven’t got covid!

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