The Corona Diaries – Day 279

it’s beginning to look likely that we have survived Christmas without getting Covid. But I don’t want to count too many chickens (or should that be turkeys?) right now. It seems that we will see out the year! That’s good. When I think back to March it was not looking good. It looked as if we’d all go down with it. Now there is light at the end of this dark age. The vaccine is being dispensed here and abroad.

Things are looking up. 2021 might be a good one. We need to make up for the loss of time!

I have plans! I want to meet up with friends and family, go to a lot of gigs and sort out some travel plans.

We just have to remain isolated for a few months more!! I think I’ll hibernate for winter!

Today the sun shone on us. It seems that last night’s storm blew the clouds away. We walked up our hill and surveyed the world. It looked fresh!

Back home I’ve been playing some Dylan and contemplating a last read through the two books I’ve just completed. I’ll see if they hold up.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, there are a mixture of feelings. On the negative side we’re all expecting a big leap in numbers of deaths following all the travel and mixing over Christmas. In the US the reduction in cases was a blip. The numbers are back up again to just shy of 200,000 with another 1645 deaths. One in a thousand Americans has already died – 330,000 deaths. Some hoax.

On a positive note the vaccines are rolling out around the world. The Oxford vaccine starts its roll-out on Jan 5th and is looking more promising with higher levels of effectiveness. As it does not require extremely cold conditions it will be easier to deploy. The vaccine appear to work on the new strains. In the UK they estimate that they can get 15 million vulnerable people vaccinated by February which would enable them to start lifting restrictions.

We could be out of the woods by April/May!! That’s great!

Until then……………………….. Stay safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 279

  1. Yes, the sun has shone here too. Though here the storm came through in the early morning; and it’s starting to get cold now. The only walk I got today was to Waitrose and back (1.4 miles each way, with a 170-foot vertical drop and climb-back).

    I don’t think we can put too much confidence in current Coronavirus reporting. Reports of both cases and deaths get delayed longer in holiday periods. And you really need to use 7-day averaged figures to get a decent picture. Give it two weeks, and we’ll see better what’s really going on.

    As to the “Oxford” vaccine – did you know it’s made in India? But yes, it does seem to be a better prospect than the Pfizer one, because it doesn’t need low temperatures for storage. And so far, its side-effects don’t seem to be as bad. But that may change when it is “rolled out.” I certainly don’t plan to be first in the queue for either vaccine!

    Oh, and yesterday for the first time I looked at the Wikipedia article on Boris Johnson. Worth a read, if you haven’t done so before.

    1. Hi Neil. I hope you had a good Christmas. You did a twenty-eight-mile walk?? That’s some walking!
      I will certainly be the first in line for the vaccine. Any slight side-effects are going to be a lot less than the risk of the virus. I want my freedom.
      I’ll certainly check the wiki on Johnson!

      1. Sorry Opher, you missed the decimal point. 2.8 miles, not 28. Good enough for government work, though. But I have walked 28 miles in a day a few times. The last was in 2001.

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