Chris Riddell Cartoon – Brexit

Chris is so good at these.

I reckon the Tories will dump Johnson soon. He’s a liability. He can’t lead, makes mistake after mistake and hasn’t got an idea in his head. He’s served his purpose and got Brexit done for the extreme ERG. Now they’ll put Rishi Sunak in. They’ll hope that his charm will replace the cheerleading clown and they can dump all the shit on Johnson.

Thanks for sending this through John Peachey.

8 thoughts on “Chris Riddell Cartoon – Brexit

      1. There’s certainly a large number that I’d consign to that end, but you are more cynical than me Neil. I still feel that some of them do care and try.

      1. I theorise they’ll wait til much nearer the next election, so he can take the blame for more damage, and an equally repulsive replacement minister can claim a fresh start for Britain (Sunak, Gove, Patel – aaaggh)

      2. You are probably right on that. I reckon it’ll be Sunak – if he doesn’t blot his copybook. He might. There’s some tough economics ahead.

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