The Corona Diaries – Day 257

Every time I write that number at the top I do a double take. Has it really been 257 days since we were last in normality? An awful lot of things have happened in that time. 60,000 people lost their lives. Countless thousands are suffering the long-term effects on their hearts, lungs, kidneys and brains – some permanently – and millions have lost their jobs.

On the positive side nature has had a bit of a reprieve and the pollution levels went down for a while!

Personally I am finding it all a bit jading. There is a constant tension and not seeing people to interact normally takes its toll. I normally have a mad social life. Everything is dead. This routine is becoming dull.

But, on a positive front – I have written lots and decorated the house. I’ve had 257 two hour+ walks and am fitter than I was – so it’s not all bad!

I’m just fed up with it now. I want a jab and to get back to normal!

The question is – what will normality look like? Will the restaurants, cafes, pubs, shops, clubs, cinemas all be open? Will the bands still be together? Will people have changed?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how bad the fall-out is.

Today I worked all morning editing and went for my walk this afternoon. I’ve got used to stepping out to give people a wide berth and wearing a mask in shops. Things that would have seemed very strange eight months ago.

I’m going to do a bit more editing and go and watch the footie with a beer!

Here in the UK I think we’ve got a lot to learn from the USA. With Trump not pushing social distancing or masks and no lockdown the virus is going berserk. Predictably, following the stupidity of people crossing the country to get back together for Thanksgiving, the virus is storming – 229,077 new cases yesterday with 2637 deaths. That’s a heavy price to pay. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of people feeling very guilty that they killed members of their family. The lesson we have to learn is not to make the same mistake over Christmas.

Over here lockdown has reduced the rate substantially but it’s still there biding it’s time – eager to jump from host to host. We had another 16,298 new cases yesterday with 504 deaths. If we all get together for Christmas that number will zoom!

Too many people are relying on this rapid test – but it is flawed. It only detects around 50% of cases and leads people to believe they haven’t got it and can’t spread it. They can.

I’ve heard people arguing that they won’t catch Covid because they’ve got good immune systems and never get ill. It doesn’t work like that. This is a new virus. Nobody has antibodies. If you are near someone with it you can catch it. Then it’s a lottery as to how ill you get.

The other issue is whether unvaccinated people should be allowed in planes, cinemas, restaurants or schools.

I think not. They could be asymtomatic carriers who might spread the disease and kill others! I’m for the vaccination passport. If the antivaxxers don’t want vaccination then they should not be allowed to mix and spread the disease. Their choice.

What do you think?

Stay safe folks – the end is nigh!

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