Poetry – Boris Passed This Way

Boris Passed This Way

Boris disguised as Santa Claus

Passed this way not long ago.

Without his pet dog Cummings

The cheerleading dynamo.

He looked so incredibly dishevelled

As he messed up another task,

While playing clever party tricks

Like speaking out his arse.

Opher – 23.11.2020

Such a genial buffoon. Such fun down the pub.

It disguised a clown of a man who comes from over-privileged background and, even with the perks of office (free cars, accommodation, meals and heaven knows what) cannot live on £150,000 a year.

A man so inept and lazy that, in order to gain power, gave the Tory Party to a bunch of extreme Brexiteers and allowed Cummings to pull all the strings and cause chaos.

A man who every time he opens his mouth creates a crisis.

For some reason the British public thought it would be a great idea to let him run the country.

Now look at us!!

Now he says we can all meet up in December and January. We can come together in December to celebrate Christmas! We can all then reassemble in January to bury the dead!

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