The Corona Diaries – Day 242

It was a cold gloomy day today as I walked up my hill – but it wasn’t raining, the fields were green with their winter crops and it felt good!!

To be out in nature is always good.

Today I’ve been editing and listening to Woody Guthrie. Can’t be bad!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland – the US farce continues with Trump not conceding and Giuliani making a fool of himself. the infection rate is going through the roof – up to an incredible 187,428 new cases and 1962 deaths yesterday!!! That’s another 2000 people who won’t be meeting up for Thanksgiving or Christmas. They’ll be tens of thousands who will be burying their friends and relatives!!

What’s Trump doing about it?? Nothing. He’s still in meltdown over having lost.

In Georgia the recount uncovered no fraud and nothing wrong with the machines!! All the talk from Trump was bullshit!!

It’s one thing to be a stinkingly poor loser and it’s quite another to deliberately incite trouble and division and to set about undermining democracy.

With 250,000 deaths and 10 million cases – compared to New Zealand’s 35 deaths all told – two new cases, no deaths. I think it is safe to safe that Trump has been utterly incompetent!!

The same in the UK – Johnson is presiding over 22,915 new cases with another 501 deaths. Vietnam 4 new cases and no deaths!! We are useless!!

The reports coming out are of cronyism, corruption, chaos and incompetence. £21 million paid to one man for acting as a procurer of PPI. contracts are given out willy-nilly to Tory party friends – billions of taxpayer money poured down the drain. No tendering, no proper procedure, panic, corruption and waste.

Just think of that – £21 million pounds for a few phone calls. That is immoral on both sides.

Meanwhile, it is the key workers, who risked their lives, who are picking up the tab for government failure!! They, instead of a reward, are offered another pay freeze. They already picked up the tab for the bankers’ incompetence – now they have to do the same for Johnson!!

We’ll go out and clap them again shall we? Or direct them to the nearest food bank or soup kitchen!!

DISGRACEFUL!! They have been heroes!!

This cronyism stinks!! Everything they have hived out to their buddies has been useless – Dido Harding and Track and Trace – reaching only half. World Beating?? More a useless, expensive joke!!!

Why didn’t they use the NHS??? Experts who know what they are doing?? Put some of the money into that???

Too simple?? No profit for their chums??

Their Bullying (as with Patel – Priti by name but nothing pretty about her nature) goes on and on. First we’ve had Cummings and now Patel. Their arrogance is unbelievable.

They think they can get away with anything!!

Just live long enough to get a shot or two of the vaccine. It’s coming!!

Stay safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 242

  1. Opher, I’m confused by your attitude. Three days ago, you said:

    “Out in the fields the agricultural factory was in full swing. Last week the corn was cropped – and I heard it was all going to a massive biofuel unit. The fields were then ploughed yesterday. Today they were being disced and sown. It is amazing what a quick turn over takes place. This is nothing to do with nature. It’s a factory. No hand touches the soil. No hand touches the crop. No hand touches the seed. The whole operation is carried out by machine.”

    But today you say: “It was a cold gloomy day today as I walked up my hill – but it wasn’t raining, the fields were green with their winter crops and it felt good!!”

    1. That is true. The way one’s mood swings. But it’s still a factory out there Neil. Nature pushed to the very margins. Even so, it’s good to be out in the fresh air – away from people!!

  2. Yeah the U.S seems very divided now-a-days. I just hope the next president does better but I guess it’s too much to ask in 2020. Stay frosty.

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