How can a 20-something gain an edge over life?

I liked that! Read, think, talk to people, understand, learn and educate yourself. Choose your role models carefully. Tolerance, compassion, empathy, respect and responsibility are cornerstones.

Aman kurt Phoenix

Pastor Charles R. Swindoll once said that life is 10% action and 90% reaction. That’s always hit home for me because when you think about it, life really is all about perception.

Life can be tough, so you’ve got to be careful what you feed your mind and soul.

And just when it comes to understanding life and how to live it best,
a good place to start would be the people who had devoted their entire lives to studying and understanding the human condition — aka philosophers.

Before you begin the journey, learn what it is and the things that one can encounter on it!

And once, one has understood the human condition, the next obstacle would be to actually become practical, get a life and start living.
But wait, don’t we need to learn practicality from someone too?
Indeed, we do.
The obstacle is the way Ryan Holiday…

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